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YAMU (8 plus years) is your digital guide to discovering food and beverage establishments (plus more) in Colombo. People visit the YAMU platform to get unbiased opinions about our discoveries within the city, especially when deciding on dining. We attract a unique base of 8,000 to 10,000 plus visitors a day and currently reach over 355,000 users per month, reading over 600,000 pages. 

Our loyal readers visit YAMU on where to dine (KAMU) and whenever possible to enjoy a drink or 2 (BOMU) -  Simply put, YAMU is your friend in the city!

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Things we cover

Think of us as your friend in the city; we’re here to help. We now have an office phone, and feel free to WhatsApp or call us on 0760 106 226. If you want you can contact us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter

The Team

Vishvi Vidanapathirana

Vishvi is the editor-in-chief for YAMU. She is a die-hard Game of Thrones fan and enjoys pizza, seafood, music, video games, and reading. You can contact her at 

Buddika Muhandiram

Buddika is an avid hiker and adventurer. He's YAMU's main Sinhala language writer. You can contact him at

Chandana Prasanna

Chandana does video production and the editor for Sinhala content and was once a man on the run for his political activism. He enjoys sweets, meat, Lion stout and the tears of conservatives. You can reach him at

Dinesh Hirdaramani

A die-hard fan of Giovanni's Pizza, Polos Cutlet and Black Pork Curry with Thosai (Yes, it's a personal discovery!). Torn apart between Coffee and Tea, he also has a knack for wordplay (aka puns), amateur photography, compeering, budget solo travel and dark chocolate. Our point of contact for all YAMU related Sales and Marketing inquiries. You can contact him via mobile on 0760 106 226 and or on