10 Places To Get Your Meat Platter Fix (T20 Special)

Getting your drink on towards T20? Here's something to check out!

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Ain't nothing better than a sizzling platter ladened with juicy, fatty cuts of grilled meats, dressed in a sweet, spicy and tangy sauce, or old-school salt-and-pepper rubs — especially if you're planning to get your drink on during the T20 series, that kicks off on the 17 of October. 

So for all the big eaters/drinkers among us, here's where to get the top quality hunks of meat, grilled/smoked to perfection and served in the platter form. 

Playtrix Sports Bar & Cafe

Perched on the 1st floor of Colombo City Centre, Playtrix does a Dream Team Mixed Grill (Rs. 3100) that carries a whole load of meats and sides - bacon, chicken, eggs (sunny side up), beef fillet, pork tenderloin, corn on the cob, a side salad, pork and chicken sausages. Paired with their in-house made mustard sauce and a sweet sauce made with bits of plum, date and dried apple, you're in for a treat! 

For orders: 0765477577, Uber Eats

M'eat US

We tried M'eat US's Ribs Platter (Rs. 3250), and it was fantastic. Served with a giant pork rack, 2 full chicken legs and 2 sausages accompanied with a potato salad, this one is easily sharable between 2/3 people. If your group exceeds that, they've got bigger platters for Rs. 6350 and Rs. 8150 with more meats.

For orders: 0768060077

The Grill By Doctor's Kitchen

The Grill By Doctor's Kitchen is arguably the best grill we've come across in Colombo so far. They find excellent cuts of meats, smoke them for some good hours, rub them with the finest spices and sauces and then, barbecue them to perfection on a charcoal grill. You can amp up the flavours of these BBQ with the interesting sauces and side dishes they serve alongside.

For orders: 0740225226, Uber Eats, PickMe Food, Eat Me Global

Peri Peri Kukula

Specialised in Portuguese style flame-grilled chicken, Peri Peri Kukula pairs them meats with some wonderfully spicy peri peri sauce. Smoky, with the perfect crisp, their chicken is well prepared, and when they promise 'extra hot' sauce, it is, in fact, extra hot — to the point that it would make a grown man cry.

The Kukula Family Platter (Rs. 3200) has got plenty to feed 2 - 4 people. It's comprised of 1 whole chicken, and 2 large sides of your choice (garlic bread, corn on the cob, peri peri chips, peri peri basmati rice, or sweet potato chips). 

For orders: 0115882188

Barcode Grill & Lounge

The magnificent meat offerings by Barcode Grill & Lounge, are truly enticing. They have a good Mixed Grill for Rs. 3300 — a combination of chicken, pork ribs, sausages, eggs, mashed potatoes and garlic bread, but our favourite is the Tandoori Grilled platter (Rs. 3000), which incorporates chicken, lamb, bhuna aloo, seared prawn chaat and tandoori roti. They also do a Family-style platter for Rs. 6000. 

For orders: 0112807155, Uber Eats


Masma EAT has branches in Kottawa, Pepiliyana and Kaduwela. Priced at Rs. 2400 and upwards, they offer many interesting meat platters, assorted with finely done chicken, pork and sausages. They curate a platter just for pork lovers, and that involves 4 pork chops, 8 pork sausages and 9 slices of garlic bread. Costs only Rs. 3200.

For orders: 0716888222

Grill House

Filling the void of a meat-centric food joint in the vicinity of Malabe, here we have the Grill House. From BBQ Mini Chicken Platter to Special BBQ Platter to BBQ Party Platter, their selection of platters have quite the variety. The prices start at Rs. 1850, and goes up to Rs. 11250. 

For orders: 0113667766, PickMe Food, Uber Eats

Grill Kitchen

A buzzing spot in Thalawathugoda, Grill Kitchen puts together a super impressive Mixed Charcoal Platter, which is available in Full (Rs. 6900) and Half (Rs. 3450) sizes. This includes a spread of BBQ chicken, kochchi/ chicken wings, jumbo prawns, lamb, pork, beef, sausages, fish, egg bullseye, fried garlic, garlic bread, BBQ sauce, garlic mayo dip, steak fries, boiled vegetables and a soup. The Half portion doesn't come with any beef or lamb, and is easily enough for 2 - 3 people, while the Full portion can be shared among 5 - 6 people. 

For orders: 0707707770, Uber Eats, PickMe Food

Whistling Hog Smokehouse

Whistling Hog Smokehouse at The Grove grills chicken, pork and sausages, and assort them into platters. The Flip The Bird Platter (Rs. 3350) is chicken-focused, The Fat Hog (Rs. 3950) is all pork, while the Full House (Rs. 3700) has a mix of both. 

For orders: 0773420338

Bavarian German Restaurant

Bavarian has long been the holy grail of German food in Colombo, and meats play a huge role in their menu for obvious reasons. They've got 2 meat platter options — the Mixed Sausage Platter with Red Cabbage and Potato Salad (Rs. 2385) and the Bavarian Mixed Grill (Rs. 6015) that features pork ribs, pork chops, roast chicken, beef skewers, lamb chop, bratwurst & frankfurter sausages, eggs, bacon, vegetables and fries, served with BBQ or pepper sauce.

For orders: 0112421577, Uber Eats, Eat Me Global