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5 Awesome Chicken Biriyanis Under Rs. 600

Biriyani under a budget.

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Budget-friendly biriyanis are everywhere. Even the Pilawoos-type kadey near your home might have one for less than Rs. 400. But how many of them deliver a good flavour? 
So in this article, we'd like to tell you about five awesome chicken biriyanis in Colombo that are not just affordable but also present a legit flavour. Priced under Rs. 600, all of them are served as pretty generous portions, and available for delivery too.

Saveira Indian Restaurant (Rs. 430)

With the proper biriyani taste, lots and lots of well-marinated chicken and a pleasant aroma that you can smell from a mile away, Saveira's Chicken Biriyani is another solid option for a wallet-friendly biriyani. It is served with a bunch of interesting sides too, like pea curry, Malay pickle, mint sambol and gravy. 

For orders: 0112554344

Mr. Biriyani (Rs. 480)

A popular spot in the hood of Aluth Kadey, Mr. Biriyani's Chicken Biriyani is an absolute steal for the price. It comes with a good amount of well-spiced up chicken, hidden within the mass of fluffy, fragrant basmati rice. The spices are well incorporated with the rice, that it had given a lovely North Indian touch.

For orders: 0764434999

Royal Biriyani (Rs. 480)

Royal Biriyani has been crafting up biriyani down Marine Drive for many years. Presenting a mingle of sweet, sour and spicy at the right balance, Royal Biriyani's Chicken Biriyani is another iconic biriyani that one shouldn't miss, not just for its stellar flavour profile, but also for the reasonable price.

For orders: 0757292292

Biriyani Bite (Rs. 550)

Another streetside biriyani joint in Aluth Kadey, Biriyani Bite lets you grab a plateful of delicious biriyani under a budget. It's plentiful with succulent, tender chicken thrown in the fray, and also includes a side of Masala Chicken. The good use of spices contributes a lot to this dish, making way for a meaty, luscious, flavour-packed meal.

For orders: 0777640097

The Biriyani Restaurant (Rs. 550)

The vicinity of Aluth Kadey is blessed with many biriyani vendors, and The Biriyani Restaurant is one of the best at that. Owned by a true biriyani aficionado, who has spent over 5 years in India to learn the biriyani science to its core, The Biriyani Restaurant is where you can find some of the most iconic biriyanis in the city and it's also budget-friendly.

From choosing the finest ingredients to proper marination to cooking, they ensure the authenticity, quality and consistency of every biriyani batch they make. Infused with aromatics and spices, each bite of their Hyderabadi Dum Kacchi Chicken Biriyani rice is so rich and flavourful, and comes with some hefty pieces of delicately pink, soft and decadent chicken.

For orders: 0112440339

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