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5 Awesome Cloud Kitchens You Need To Try (June, 2021)

5 cloud kitchens you absolutely must try.

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Cloud kitchens have been increasing in popularity, ever since the pandemic emerged last year. We've had the pleasure of reviewing many of them, and out of what we've tried, these are our favourites of the month (June). 

Pulse & Beet

Pulse & Beet, with its incredible black pork curry, vibrant food bowls and mouthful wraps, won our hearts. Most of their dishes are emphasized on healthy living, so it's a fantastic option to refuel yourself post-workout. Their black pork curry is easily one of the best in the city, while the Furikake salmon bowl is a flavourful assortment of high-quality salmon, fluffy white rice, and a heap of veggies, all soaked in some well-executed, sweet and spicy Furikake sauce. 

For orders: PickMe Food, direct orders via 0779074686

Crab Tales

Crab Tales is a home cook that finds the fleshiest crab, cooks it according to a delicious recipe that had been in the family for many generations, and delivers to your home. They use succulent mud crabs harvested from local lagoons, and infuse them with a good dose of spices, so there's a lot of meat and flavour to taste. The gravy itself is quite creamy and rich, and you can scoop it up with the fresh roast paan they provide with it. 

For orders: DM on Instagram, or WhatsApp 0740809722

Ceylon Curry Club

Ceylon Curry Club is the rice & curry arm of Citrus and they craft up some phenomenal flavours. Each packet of rice has a protein of your pick (chicken/ pork/ mutton/ cuttlefish/ prawns/ eggs), a chutney (puhul, green tomatopineapple etc.), some sliced up veggies and fried Mora Miris. The meat-to-rice ratio is spot on, so every bite is rich with meat.

For orders: PickMe Food, direct orders via 0773393391

Social Colombo

A popular name around the Unawatuna strip, Social Colombo is now bringing their flavours to the folks in Colombo, from their ghost kitchen. The menu includes a range of Asian, Italian and Western delicacies, including some fluffy baos, smoky char siu, seafood-packed fried rice and fat burgers. 

For orders: PickMe Food, direct orders via 0705941989

Artisan Diletto

Artisan Diletto is all about luscious Chocolate Biscuit Puddings (CBP). Colombo has its fair share of CBP but this one knocks the ball out of the park. At the moment, they have four kinds of CBPs - Classic, Mocha, Mint Chocolate and Milo, that share the same silky smooth, glossy, and luxuriously creamy base, enriched with dark chocolate, cashew nuts and chocolate chips. The Mocha one has a dash of coffee that perfectly complements the chocolate, while the minty kick in the Mint Chocolate is quite subtle and refreshing. 

For orders: PickMe Food

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