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5 New Spots To Get Your Rice Fix Delivered

5 places with good rice specialties.

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We, Sri Lankans, love our rice, no matter what kind. From classic rice & curry to yellow rice to fried rice to biriyani, it's one thing we can't do without.
So in this piece, we'd like to tell you about five new cloud kitchens with different kinds of rice specialities, that we've recently indulged, and loved. 

Publis Legends

Publis Legends is a cloud kitchen that takes inspiration from the legendary recipes by Chef Publis Silva - an ambassador of Sri Lankan cuisine. It's one great option to grab some truly authentic Sri Lankan rice & curry packs.

The Chicken Rice & Curry we tried was all about the balance of flavours. There was a deliciously prepared pepper chicken curry, a tasty dal curry, some creamy Thai eggplant curry, crunchy winged beans sambol, spicy tempered kangkung, and a couple of fried ash plantain slices with a sweet kick. All these, come with a hefty offering of super fluffy Keeri Samba rice.

Based in Mount Lavinia, and deliver to many suburban areas. For orders and inquiries, call 0727688805.

Food House

Food House is a cloud kitchen in Kotte, which houses some flavour-packed yellow rice, among other things. Their Yellow Rice & Curry menu is comprised of some classic curries and fries, such as black chicken curry, potato fry, tempered dal curry, brinjal moju, cucumber salad and papadum. From what we experienced, the aroma that hits as you open this rice packet is enough to have you drooling. 

Food House delivers through PickMe Food, but if it's not within your delivery radius, simply give a call to 0720972474.

Ceylon Curry Club

The Ceylon Curry Club is the rice & curry arm of Citrus and operates from The Steuart by Citrus in Colombo 01. They craft up some phenomenal flavours here, with a contemporary, fusion touch, rather than following the usual rice & curry style. 

The Ceylon Curry Club is quite generous with portions, so the meat-to-rice ratio is spot on. Plus, they've put a lot of thought into creating that perfect balance of flavours.

For example, take this packet of Chicken Rice. The Chicken here is quite spicy with a subtle umami kick, the puhul chutney is wonderfully sweet and spicy, the fried mora miris contributes a dash of saltiness, while the fresh veggies add a refreshing feel to the palate. All of them bind really well to the fragrant yellow rice. The rice itself is quite good too, with plenty of fried peanuts and curry leaves.

Furthermore, they do some impressive black pork curry and mutton curry, which they serve with aromatic garlic rice. 

The orders can be placed via  0773393391.

Spicy Mango

If you're around Kirulapone, Spicy Mango is an excellent choice for getting some flavourful nasi goreng. We tried the Seafood Nasi goreng, and absolutely fell in love with it.

Some fluffy basmati rice, well-infused with spices, sauce and finely chopped veggies, it also featured a heap of prawns, cuttlefish and other seafood. There's a chutney adding a little sweet note, and you can get the help of the juicy, sweet and sour pineapple slices for the extra flavour. Everything becomes even better when you bring the bullseye egg into the mix. 

Spicy Mango is on PickMe Food and call at 0112512815 for direct orders.

250 Rupee Biriyani

This is perhaps the cheapest biriyani in the city. Just Rs. 250 for the regular chicken biriyani, and Rs. 320 for the chicken 65 biriyani. It's not the most authentic kind, but it has this nice masala taste that'd keep you going at it.

250 Rupee Biriyani mainly delivers through PickMe Food, but you can contact them via 0777585250 for direct orders. 

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