6 Of YAMU's Favourite Black Pork Curries In Colombo - 2020

Want some black pork curry?

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We love pork, and love it even more when it takes the form of Black Pork Curry. It's one of the most brilliant wonders we Lankans do with our spices, but unfortunately, there aren't a lot of places that do it right. 
Nonetheless, from what we've tasted so far, here are 5 of our favourite black pork curries in Colombo.

PorKen Deli

The pork-hub in Colombo, PorKen Deli does the best black pork curry we've had to date. A home-based venture that does everything pork, their black pork curry is an explosion of flavours created with some relishing dark roast curry powder, a dash of ground goraka (Malabar tamarind), garlic, ginger and other spices. Further enhanced by the addition of rampe (Pandan) and karapincha (Curry leaves), it's an irresistible, aromatic affair that one could say no to.

They use excellent cuts of pork here, so it's a lot of meat, and less fatty bits, cooked to absolute perfection to give that tender, juicy texture. You have the option of pairing it up with their homemade roast paan, pol roti and sometimes, kiributh.

Playtrix Sports Bar & Cafe

Image source: facebook.com/playtrix.club

The ever so popular Playtrix Sports Bar takes the usual kiributh to the next level by pairing it up some incredible black pork curry. It's quite hard to hold ourselves back from indulging it, which explains why we don't have a good picture of it.

Playtrix's black pork curry has lots and lots of spicy, zesty notes seeping through, and the milky kiributh balances it out perfectly. It's a match made in heaven, really.

Street Grill

Street Grill's take on black pork curry is simply fantastic, and they serve it with dhal curry, pol sambol and grilled roast paan. Succulent pieces of pork lavished with a good dose of spices, this one is a spicy, tangy treat. The quality of the meat is quite good too, so you won't come across any chewy, boney, tough, or gristly bits. 


Ain't nothing better than a black pork curry to accompany your beer, don't you agree? Accompanied by some fluffy, fragrant yellow rice, Machang's take on black pork curry is a superb choice in this regard. Well curried up and presented with a thick layer of gravy packed with spices, it's a beaut!

Buddhika has been to many, many Machangs, and according to him, it's the Homagama branch that does the best black pork curry. 


A home cook based in Mount Lavinia, Margie's Kitchen crafts up some solid black pork curry. With a bit of heat from the chillies and some subtle kicks of ginger and garlic, along with the texture and colour from the ground goraka, it has a very strong flavour profile that binds perfectly to the beautifully cooked, tender curry pork. 

VOC Cafe (Dutch Burgher Union)

Specialised in Dutch Burgher and Portuguese influenced local dishes in its most authentic form, VOC Cafe by DBU's black pork curry is exceptional too. Every ounce of pork in this curry is smothered with the right kind of spices, some goraka too, and has subtle notes of tamarind emerging through. So good!

What's your favourite black pork curry in the city? Do let us know in the comments.