A Long Haul of Mirissa

5 of the spiciest seafood-based dishes in Mirissa.

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We all know Mirissa to be that one Southern coastal town where everyone goes to when they want to see a whale or get their surf on, which essentially it is. But, there's more than what meets the eye that we somehow manage to miss. 

When in Mirissa, quite possibly, one of the coolest things to see (apart from the whales and such) is how restaurants along the coast of Mirissa Beach prepare for their evenings. The essentials of this strange ritual being a metal showcase, the freshest fish you can think of and a whole load of ice. The final step of this bizarre tradition that happens every evening being one that allows local restaurant owners to stand alongside this showpiece and greet beachgoers in an attempt to lure them into feasting on some of the nicest seafood dishes in the country.

And when it boils down to seafood dishes, it doesn't get any better than it does in Mirissa. Here's how we know.

Crab Curry and Garlic Rice- Brizo Mirissa 

Brizo Mirissa, with its chilled-out ambience, immediately turned into one of our favourite restaurants in Mirissa thanks to this plate of goodness right here. Served with a fluffy bed of steaming, bright yellow, garlic-infused basmati, the crab curry at Brizo is one of the best of its kind. Placed in a smoothly shaven coconut shell, the crab was beautifully succulent in terms of the amount of meat it had, but, if there was one thing that was better than the generously meaty crab, it was the curry it sat in. Spicy, and we mean party-in-your-mouth-spicy, with a tinge of zest, the curry was positively packed with flavour and left us, more or less, in awe of the whole thing. 

Seafood Platter- O Mirissa 

O Mirissa, with its traditional Italian vibes, is one of the fancier restos along the main road and in terms of ambience, we don't think anyone does it better than they do, you know, given that they don't have a beach to look up to.

That being said, while it wasn't the spiciest on the list, the seafood platter didn't fail to blow us away. With giant-sized lobsters, thick-cut fries, spicy calamari rings and a slice of grilled fish that was fit for the Gods, the seafood platter, albeit a tad expensive, is definitely worth looking out for. 

Spicy Calamari - Panda Restaurant

When in Mirissa if you're craving spicy Chinese fast food, there's only one place you've gotta be- The Panda Restaurant! Served with more chili to suffice any spicy food lover, this plate of calamari was out-of-this-world good! Oily, spicy and packed with flavour, this was one of the best takes on calamari we've had, and we are in love! Trust me, you're going to need a chilled Coke on the side for this one!

Butter Fish- Nissan Restaurant 

If we were to choose the most chilled out restaurant on the list, we've gotta go with Nissan Restaurant. Essentially a mix of repurposed containers, plastic chairs and colourful tables, the ambience at Nissan Restaurant is perfect for soaking in the sun and basking in what makes Mirissa what it is. Combined with this, you've got your essentials for a stellar time- a paraw fish grilled to perfection and doused in a batter of butter, pepper and green chilies. Served with a side of spicy chili fries and fresh veggies, this platter of brilliance is essential for a solid evening at the beach. 

Devilled Prawn- Mirissa Eye Beach Hotel and Restaurant

Like a couple of others on the list, Mirissa Eye too is another restaurant off the coast of Mirissa beach. With leafy coconut palmed shade and a bunch of doggos to cure your blues away, Mirissa Eye was one of your best shots at relaxing by the side of the beach. With a dash of spice to kick things up a notch, the dish was a concoction of saucy seafood with a heap of tomato, more than a dozen well-cooked prawns and enough spice to get you going, the devilled prawns here is our last stop today in our hunt down of spicy seafood dishes in Mirissa. Best enjoyed with a fizzy Cola

What better way to enjoy the breezy blue ocean and the spicy flavourful explosion packed in this dish than with an ice-cold Coke by your side?

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