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A Touch Of Seafood For The Festive Season with Flora, The Yummiest Spread

Isso's Isso Burger isso good and perfect for celebrations, especially with Flora this season!

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It’s the season! The season of flamboyant food servings, exotic & refreshing drinks, bright lights & city nights. Christmas is that time of year to indulge yourself and your loved ones around with splendid, scrumptious food. 

Island of the Indian Ocean! 

As a citizen islander from the beautiful land of Sri Lanka, our seafood supply is directly from the Indian Ocean, fresh from the sea. The aromatic freshness of supplies is what ‘Isso Prawn Crazy’ has to offer day in and day out, dine-in and take-away.

Flora Isso Burger! 

It was an absolute Isso Prawn Crazy, mouthwatering fiesta in my pallet. 

-The burger bun! 

It seemed to have been dipped into a beetroot concentrated solution which accelerated the fusion of colour which would brighten anyone’s day, against that of its perfectly toasted base itself, further topped with fresh sesame seeds. 

-The Isso Patty! 

If you tapped it with a stainless steel knife, you’d hear that blistering crackling on the outside and that’s when you know you’re in for a juicy treat. I then went in for that ‘killer first bite’, which was nothing short of what was expected. You and only you know when you hit that sweet spot of your pallet, you sit back in jubilation with utmost satisfaction of what a wonderful feeling that was. Not forgetting, the filling of some fresh vegetable as well. Crackle after crackle, crunch after crunch! 

-The Sides!

Freshly tossed & crispy French fries with a zest of Sri Lankan spice very well complimented with a coleslaw salad was basically as great as the famously used phrase ‘icing on the cake’. 

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Have a Healthy and a Happy Christmas this Season!

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