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If you are thinking of inking yourself, Red Right Hand Tattoos is the place to visit! 

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Art comes in many forms. It takes the discerning eye to distinguish it for what it is. Join us today to take a stroll down the Hotel Road. Three hundred metres from the famous Mt Lavinia Hotel, we make a pit stop to explore another type of art. If you are the discerning type, we invite you to walk in here with us to explore what’s on the other side of this door.

We meet within the premises a warm, easy going and focused personality at work in his profession. His name is Sam. Perhaps an unassuming name or perhaps not. A little bit of conversation later you would undeniably notice the underlying flare for the creative and detail while being this very open person. Sam is a former banker who deviated to pursue his passion which is today known as the Red Right Hand Tattoos (RRH), and the young man in conversation is the skilled artisan Samira Dunuwille aka Sam. From realistic tattoos to minimalistic tattoos that will inspire you to get inked.

With a professional education in the fine art of inking at the 'Aliens Tattoo School' in Mumbai, home to some of the best and award winning tattoo artists in Mumbai, Red Right Hand Tattoos without a doubt we can say that his work out of this world!  The commitment, passion and creativity of his work are portrayed on his Instagram page here.

From text-based tattoos to minimalist, to intricate tattoo designs, Sam ensures that he is well prepared to undertake your need. With an eye for detail, you are assured most importantly that he will provide you with results that are above your expectations. If you are a first-timer, you will have nothing to worry about. Sam with his friendly and outgoing personality will ease walk you through the process from start to end. Always open for a good sit down, Sam is ready to answer all your queries before getting down to getting inked. Sam will put you right at ease from the word go. Not something you will find in every other studio. 

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If you are thinking of inking yourself, Red Right Hand Tattoos is the place to visit! 

Need more information and or to make an appointment, feel free to contact Samira on the below-mentioned channels; 

Tel - +94 77 297 3999

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Address - 65C, Hotel Road, Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka

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