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Animal Welfare in Sri Lanka : How & Where to Help

Cute, furry, and homeless? Here's who can help.

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It's not uncommon to find a box of kittens or puppies dumped on the side of the road. Pathetic, but it happens nonetheless as people continue to dump pups and kittens when their pets litter. Or when they want to get rid of a canine/ feline in the neighbourhood.

Despite all this, there are very few shelters or rescues in the country, and it's pretty hard to get in touch with help when you need it. The organizations listed here are welfare organizations and assist in neutering, vacinnating, rehoming, and feeding strays. Donations are what keeps them afloat, so do contribute when possible. Contact details are included where available.

We hope this list will help.

Animal SOS Sri Lanka

Contact details:

  • 0094 41 792 1113
  • 0773 110 879

Animal Welfare and Protection Association

Contact details:

  • email:
  • 0112587210

Colombo Animal Rescue

CAR aims to work at ground level and help alleviate the suffering of the starving dogs in the Colombo municipal pound by doing the following:
1. Provide a nutritious meal at least once a day 
2. Rescue, treat and re-home the pound dogs
3. Raise funds to pay for the food and rescue of the pound dogs

Adopt a Dog Sri Lanka

Adopt A Dog is a 100% voluntary run organisation relying on exernal donations and funding for its operations. 

There is a group of trustees overseeing the various areas of activity as well as the overall running of the charity.The trustees are volunteers and receive no monetary compensation for their work. They meet once a month to ensure the smooth running of the charity and coordination of volunteers, fosters, adoption and all other aspects of the charity's operations.

Pet Express

Pet Express's job is to relocate pets, but if you're overseas and adopting a dog from Sri Lanka, they'll provide immediate veterinary attention and help you get your pup/cat to your home country.

Contact details:

  • 077 274 3253 / 071 400 9136 
  • PET EXPRESS - SRI LANKA - Operations Office
    Terminal 2-3, Air Cargo Village, 
    Bandaranaike International Airport, (CMB) 
    Sri Lanka

Cat Protection Trust

Contact details:

  • 077 230 9122

Blue Paw Trust

Contact details:

  • 30/42, Longdon Place,
    Colombo 07
    Sri Lanka
  • 0112 501587

Tikiri Trust

Contact details:

  • Megoda, Kalugamuwa, Peradeniya
  • 077 742 6229

Ray of Hope

Contact details:

  •  0777410017 


Contact details:

  • 0094 81 5628758 / 077 6923260

Dogstar Foundation

Transforming Animal Welfare in Sri Lanka | Spay/Neuter | Vaccinations | Veterinary Care | Education |

Contact details:

  • 80B Poroutha Road, Beach Road Etthukala, Negombo 11500, Sri Lanka.


As always, let us know what we've missed out on, and we'll add it on asap!

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