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Coffer - All The Card Deals In One Place

All the card discounts in one place.

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Card discounts are great, but finding card discounts is not so great. You either have to wade through constant SMS alerts or look thru press ads with a magnifying glass. Until now.

There's a new app called Coffer (iOS, Android) that collects all the deals in one place. This seems simple but is devilishly complicated to execute. Let's see how they've done.

It's easy enough to register - you can use Google or set up a simple email/password. Then you can select the banks you have cards at. Then you can select the specific card you have. I didn't realize till I looked but these banks have a lot of different cards, which must make maintaining this app complicated.

So anyways, once your cards are entered, you can see all the available deals in one place. This seems simple, but it's been basically impossible before. For example, I had no idea I could get 40% of at Durdan's Hospital with my Commercial Card. Or that there's someplace with treehouses called La Pentara that's 60% off. Cool.

I also didn't know that my Cargills Bank credit card had any offers at all. But I can get 45% off a luxury houseboat in the Bolgoda Lake called Amber Flow, which I didn't know even existed. Crazy they even have bathtubs on the boat.

I can also get 20% off at KFC, or TGI Friday's.

So I guess this is the magic of the service. I didn't know these deals existed, and I didn't even know half of these places existed. 

Of course, if you look at all the deals at once it's a bit much. Once you get used to the app you can then filter offers by what you want (hotels for example, or restaurants) and then you only see those specific offers. You can also combine this with how much of a discount they're offering (say 50% or more) to get even more refined results. 

Then you can add items to a wishlist and share them with family or friends. So this app is a lot more than a listing of all the deals, it actually makes the user experience of having a credit card much better. As it already has over 12,000 downloads, people are already finding value in it, and they should. It's free and it saves you money, plus it's also a fun way to find out about experiences that you didn't know were out there.

This is a well-executed app taking a bunch of complex information, personalizing it and making it easy to use. We recommend.

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