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Delicious Desserts In Colombo (2020)

Sweet memories of 2020.

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2020 was a mess, no doubt, but there were a few sweet moments, all thanks to these great desserts!
We didn't get to review or eat out a lot last year, but out of what we've tried, the following are the favourites.

Parisian Chocolate Tart - Café 1959

Choosing a favourite from Café 1959's dessert range is no easy task but we finally agreed on the Parisian Chocolate Tart. It's a construction of 3 layers and each of them contributes a distinct flavour.

With a trace of sweetness incorporated with a bit of butter, it has a flakey tart shell in the bottom that crumbles off to buttery shards to beautifully. The filling itself is luxuriously gooey, chocolaty and had been made with two varieties of artisan chocolates to produce that perfect medium between sweet and bitter. Then there's the top layer; decorated with light coffee créme chantilly. Caramelised to perfection, this layer presents a darker shade of brown. 

Seriously though, try any dessert they've got. All of them are brilliant!

Anglo-Indian Bread Pudding - Bombay Borough (One Galle Face)

Bombay Borough's Anglo-Indian Bread Pudding easily bumps itself up to the realm of truly spectacular desserts of 2020, simply because of it's golden-coloured, crispy crust, absolutely milky, moist middle, and the generous drizzle of delicious custard sauce. 

Twice Baked Chocolate Cake - Kopi Kade

This Twice Baked Chocolate Cake by Kopi Kade is something you don't want to miss, much like their other desserts. It's brownie meets cake meets mousse, with a glossy pool of dark chocolate thrown in for good measure. A brownie base, cakey centre and a mousse-like top, the texture-lineup here is truly remarkable, and it has a deep flavour too.

If you want some other recommendations, check out their Espresso Tart or the Burnt Basque Cheesecake. 

KitKat Mousse - Mad Mousse

Well, last year, amid all the crisis, we discovered the best mousse in Colombo - the Mad Mousse. Their products are insanely rich in flavour, and our top pick was the KitKat Mousse.

Topped off with a layer of crushed KitKats, this mousse had more of the same buried within its intensely chocolaty, silky smooth, light and fluffy texture. With the addition of chocolate chips and nuts, it's the mark of perfection.

Raspberry Cheesecake - Baked Colombo

Senuri actually wrote an ode to this Raspberry Cheesecake we tried at Baked Colombo, and how can she not? It's that amazing.

With a wonderfully moist and soft cake with plenty of sour notes seeping through, not only from the base, but also from the excessive amount of raspberries infused, it had a buttery graham cracker layer that balances out everything. A treat to the eyes and the tastebuds. 

Phat Brownie - Dushy's

Dushy's won our hearts with their excellent Phat Brownies, a treat with 3 different layers - chocolate chip cookie dough at the bottom, Oreos in the middle, and brownie mix on top. You can actually taste the rich flavours of all 3 of them, without one dominating the other. 

Classic Chocolate Biscuit Pudding - BOND's Dutch Delicacies

Embedded with a dash of Dutch goodness, BOND's take on Chocolate Biscuit Pudding was certainly a highlight of last year. Presenting a silky-smooth, luxuriously dark chocolate layers that are so damn intense in flavour, it managed to hit all the right spots in our chocolate radar. 

It has no eggs, but a very little amount of sugar, so the sweetness is mainly drawn from dark chocolate itself. The milk-soaked biscuits had just the right level of sogginess - soft enough that you can scoop it up using a plastic spoon, but firm enough that it holds a good physical state without falling apart.

Jack Daniel's Brownies - September

Discovering September had to be one of the best things that happened last year, especially because of these Jack Daniel's Brownies. With its light, thin crust, the perfectly fudgy, gooey, decadent and squishy moist texture, the sheer chocolatiness, and the promised JD zing, it checks all the right boxes of a fantastic brownie. 

Chocolate Cake - Monkeybean Cafe (Stratford Avenue)

Monkeybean's Chocolate Cake is quite hefty - easily sharable between 3 people, if you're up for it. Featuring a crown of silky smooth frosting that beautifully complements the spongy, moist cake base, it also has a bold chocolate flavour that stands out well. 

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