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Easter Bunnies, Brunches and Eggs (2015)

So Easter is around the corner and here are few places that's got easter treats and brunches if you are looking…

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So Easter is around the corner and here are a few places where you can get Easter treats and brunches if you are looking for places to take your family for a treat. Fun fact: interestingly the Easter egg and rabbit is from German folklore and isn't found anywhere in the Bible. But everyone loves a chocolatey egg, right?

The Kingsbury

1. Brunch At Harbour Court


  • Where & When: Easter Sunday Brunch at the Harbour Court, April 5th, from 11.30AM to 3.00PM.
  • What: Easter Egg hunt and fun activities for kids including childcare personnel.
  • Tickets: Rs. 3,750 per person for Brunch. Includes a complimentary glass of sparkling or brew or a mocktail.
    No charge for children below 6 years of age.
    50% off for kids from 6 - 12 years.


2. High Tea At The Cake


  • Where & When: Easter Chocolate High Tea at The Cake, April 4th & 5th, from 3.00PM to 6.00PM. 
  • What: For all your chocolate cravings, The Cake will host High Tea featuring a decadent choice of chocolates. 
  • Tickets: Rs. 2000 per person for Easter Chocolate High Tea.


15% off for all VISA credit & debit cards from any bank for Brunch & High Tea.

Contact: 112 421 221

Mount Lavinia Hotel

  • Where & When: The Governor's Restaurant/ Terrace, April 5th, from 12.30PM to 3.30PM.
  • What: Easter and Sunday Brunch for the whole family. Includes kids' face painting, Easter Egg Hunt & Handwork, and live jazz music by Norma.
  • Tickets: Rs. 2,900 per person. 

Contact: 112 711 711

Taj Samudra

  • When & Where: The Taj Samudra, April 5th, from 11.30AM to 3.30PM
  • What: Easter Brunch. You can also get Easter eggs and goodies at Pebbles.


    Tickets: Rs. 3,500 per person, Rs. 1,750 per child.

  • Contact: 112 446 622

Grand Oriental Hotel

  • When & Where: The Grand Oriental Hotel, April 5th, 12.30PM
  • What: Easter Sunday lunch buffet. 
  • Tickets: Rs. 1,850 per person

Contact: 112 320 320

Cinnamon Lakeside

  • Where & When: Cinnamon Lakeside, April 3rd to 5th, all day
  • What: Easter Treats available

Contact: 112 491 804

Gerard Mendis

Gerard Mendis Chocolatier in Colombo 7 always has excellent, thoughtful offerings for whatever holiday. Of everyone in Colombo, they're the most aware of the calendar, and Easter is no exception. This holiday is especially suited because they specialize in chocolates.

The have the whole range from chocolate eggs and bunnies. We recommend checking out their selection on their website.

Contact: 115238588

Waters Edge

  • When & Where: The Waters Edge, April 5th, from 11.30AM to 3.00 PM
  • What: Easter Brunch. You can also get Easter eggs and a whole lot of other goodies and win a helicopter ride for your family.
  • Tickets: Rs. 3,250 per person and half price for kids between the ages 6 & 12.

Contact: 112 863 863

The Galaldari

  • Where & When: The Coffee Shop, April 5th, 12.00PM to 3.00PM
  • What: Easter Family Lunch. Enjoy prizes and surprises, a kids' egg hunt, chocolate giveaways and other fun activities.
  • Tickets: Rs. 2,200

Contact: 112 544 544 (Ext 325)

Happy Easter, everyone!

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