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"Get YAMUfied" ; A YAMU Initiative To Endorse Restaurants With COVID-19 Safety Protocols

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"Get YAMUfied" is YAMU's initiative to highlight and endorse the restaurants that are doing their bit to ensure their establishments follow safety protocols against COVID-19. In here, we visit the restaurants with a checklist, evaluate them accordingly, and based on the results, we issue the following sticker to verify that they've implemented the mandatory safety measurements required by the Ministry of Tourism & Aviation.


We're always on the grapevine of info about what’s hot and what’s new, especially in terms of eating and drinking in the city. So during this time of the pandemic, we want to find out about restaurants that are taking COVID related safety precautions very seriously.

At the same time, it's an attempt to educate the restaurants and help them out to make their establishments well-protected from COVID-19.

How It's Done

Like we stated previously, there's a checklist, that had been prepared according to the Chapter 5, section 4.4.12 of the Operational Guidelines on Preparedness and Response for COVID-19 Outbreak for Tourism Industry, issued by the Ministry of Tourism & Aviation.

This checklist includes about 40 COVID-19 hygiene and safety measurements that every restaurant should follow and implement to keep their staff and customers safe. From the front door to the kitchen, it covers a wide range of health measurements. 

Our team visits the restaurant with this checklist, so we can witness the implementation of these measurements firsthand. If you're from the restaurant, you can show us around so we can check out whether your establishment meets the criterion. 

We recently visited about 10 restaurants, of which 5 of them passed the test and received our sticker (Baked Colombo, Shanmugas, Takeout Lanka, Malay Restaurant and Paan Paan), while the others were given feedback to improve. We're planning to revisit them in the upcoming weeks.

I Want My Restaurant To Get YAMUfied

If so, call us at 0760106226 (Dinesh).

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