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Lockdown or not, getting medicine delivered to your doorstep is a bit of a tricky task. There can be unnecessary delays in delivery, muddle ups in the prescriptions, and in any case, you're putting your health at risk. 

Thus we decided to let you know about a trusted medicine delivery that you can always count on.

Who is Healthnet? is a trusted online pharmacy and was incorporated nearly 3 years ago. Back then, the Ministry of Health regulation for medicine delivery commenced under strict regulations. This was due to the importance of maintaining standards for medicine procurement, storage and delivery. Since then, Healthnet’s adherence to standards and guidelines in providing their customers a quality service is unmatched. They were the first to build a web portal that delivers medicine and have been very active, providing some good service to their customers amid curfew times.


Who Packs Medicine At Healthnet?

In adherence to National Medicine Regulatory Authority – NMRA (under Ministry of Health) guidelines, Healthnet’s teams of experienced and licensed pharmacists who are licensed with the Sri Lanka Medical Council would dispatch the medicine, making Healthnet rank high in terms of reliability for ordering medicine online. 

How can you know to process a prescription online?

The senior pharmacists at Healthnet are very well experienced. Since they are Licensed with the NMRA, and have many years of medicine dispatching experience, they are familiar with the doctors, their unique writing, the illness that a doctor would prescribe the medicine for and so on. In times of doubt – Healthnet’s pharmacists would reach out to the doctor / same prescriber for clarification over the phone.

Do you have trouble finding medicine from one place?

My experience when while ordering though a conventional pharmacy was that sometimes all the medicine in my prescription, cannot be bought from one place. But Healthnet has gone the extra mile in getting all the items in my list. At times Healthnet would offer reasonable substitutes after talking to the doctor who prescribed if necessary. There are many customers who have reviewed Healthnet to be a super responsive online pharmacy with excellent customer service in this regard.

How does Healthnet deliver medicine?

Now you know how drastic the Sri Lankan weather can get! With spells of heat followed by spells of rain. Medicine, in general, is susceptible to the environment they are stored in and should be stored below 30º Celsius and airtight containers. Drugs like insulin and injectables should be stored between 2 – 8 º Celsius. Else, the moisture or heat could change the properties in the medicine and be less effective. So imagine how your medicine is at a risk when they're being transported in a usual delivery bike.

When you order medicine through Healthnet, they deliver your medicine in an Air Conditioned vehicle ensuring the temperature accordingly. With medicines neatly marked and packed. Check out this picture of one of the many happy customers who had posted on FB for their wonderful service.

Is medicine from Healthnet more expensive?

No, they charge you the same price as a regular pharmacy – only more convenient.

How much do they charge for delivery?

Did you know delivery is completely free if your order was over Rs. 1,000? And they deliver within Colombo 1 – 15 and within 20km radius to Colombo 5. Now that's a nice deal!

This is how the delivery rates apply.
  • Colombo 1-15 – Rs. 150
  • Within 25 Km from Colombo 5 - Rs. 250
  • More than 25 km from Colombo 5 - Rs. 350

Do they deliver only prescription medicine?

(Aside from that,) they also deliver over-the-counter products like infant and kids formula, mother and baby care products, vitamins and nutrition, kids vitamins, and medical equipment such as infrared thermometers, blood glucose meters and strips, masks, sanitisers and face shields to your doorstep. For that, you can use

How long will the delivery take on Healthnet?

They ensure deliveries within 24 hours.


How do I order on

Not only does serves as a trustworthy method to get your medicine delivered, but it also acts as a good friend/family member who makes sure that you get your medicine on time.


Easily go to healthnet.lkon your desktop or mobile device, chose ‘Upload Prescription,' include your details and you are done!


Are you ordering diabetes of heart medicine monthly? Or are you doing it for your parents, an aunt or an uncle? Well, if you are signed up with Healthnet, you get monthly reminders when it’s time to refill, and it’s just one touch reorder! No hassle of forgetting! Super considerate! 



Once registered, all you have to do is uploading a picture of your prescription along with the delivery details, and the website will show you an estimate for the payment, and you can pay it through the website itself in a secure manner through your credit/debit card. Or, you can opt for cash or card on delivery as well. Their payment options include Visa/ Master, Mcash, Amex, Sampath Vishwa, Dialog Gene, Ezy Cash, Frimi, Diners Club International and Discover.


In a time that the whole world is trying to adopt a mobilised approach, Healthnet already seems to succeed with above 3 SLA points. For more details, you can reach out to them via, hotline 0112795795 or drop by their physical pharmacy at 30/4, Park Road, Colombo 05 during non-curfew hours.

Don't take our word for it. Check out the reviews on Facebook posted by some of their many, many happy customers, and you'll know what we're talking about!


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