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Here's The Sweetest Way To Celebrate This Festive Season With Flora, Your Favourite Spread

These treats by the Sugar Shack in collaboration with Flora are probably the sweetest way to celebrate this festive…

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It’s the season! The season of flamboyant food servings, exotic & refreshing drinks, bright lights & city nights. Christmas is that time of year to indulge yourself and your loved ones around with splendid, scrumptious food.

The Sugar Shack and Flora

As Sri Lankans, our lifestyles revolve around the spiciest of food & the sweetest desserts. The Sugar Shack desserts are as devouring as an ice cream or a chilled beer during a summer’s day. These desserts come as an enlightening feeling of blissful comfort to soothe your soul. 

Flora Red Velvet Cupcake! 

Red & Velvet go hand in hand in the representation of significant glamour. This masterpiece Red Velvet Cupcake is approximately a century-old recipe which has seemingly always stuck to the basics of the recipe but found a new love in every baker’s oven. I’ve travelled to many cities around the world and there is always a new significant difference though, The Sugar Shack surely has also found their own uniqueness to this vintage masterpiece of a dessert. It just melts so easy in your mouth and it’s perfectly topped off with that delightfully rich & moist cream. It’s a certain must-try!  

Flora Loaded Brownies! 

Not everywhere and not all the time are you allowed to selflessly devour yourself in the goodness of a 19th-century classical brownie, but this Sugar Shacks hack to this brownie is its value-added contents of Omega 3 & Omega 6. This surreal gooey goodness is anyone’s guilty little pleasure, especially with that Nutella topping; I was smiling so profoundly, I felt like Charlie during his visit to the chocolate factory, pure chocolate delight! Every bite was graciously succulent with an added crunch to savour taste buds at least for an hour later. 

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Have a Healthy and a Happy Christmas this Season!

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