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Maliban Real Temptation Valentine's Day Bash - #TemptationValentines

Valentine's day bash conducted by the Maliban Real Temptations Biscuits.

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Ah, the month of love! Heart shaped chocolates, red roses, teddy bears that say "I love you" - what's not to like about it? Every year, on February 14th, people around the world celebrate Valentine's day, to admire and cherish the love we have for one another. Which is why this month is known as the month of love.

Even if you are a person who prefers to keep your love life low key, this time is good as any time of the year, to emphasize the importance of love in our lives. 

While most of the people were flocking to crowded, fancy events on the wake of Valentine's day, Maliban took this matter up in a totally different way. They celebrated Valentine's day on the 21st of February in the sweetest way possible, at a location so elegant and romantic. 

Maliban Real Temptation Biscuits

For over half a century, Maliban has been like yet another token bearing the delicious flavour profile of Sri Lanka. From the simplest Marie biscuit to cream stuffed puffs, this legendary biscuit maker, covers both sweet and savoury biscuits. For generations, these goodies have been a part of our culture - from our grandma's tea sessions to snack on the go to biscuit pudding that you make to impress your in-laws. 

Anyway, Maliban Real Temptation is a fairly new product of the house, which was the main focus of their beautiful Valentine's day bash held on the 21st. For those of you who don't know about it (have been living under a rock, are ya?), it's a sun-baked biscuit stuffed to the brim with a rich choco-cream filling. The crust beautifully breaks into buttery shards as you bite into it and you can get it with both dark and white chocolate fillings. Chocolate is one of the representations of Valentine's day, so in its own special way, this biscuit themed up this party so well.  

The Valentine's Day Bash

The Maliban Real Temptation Valentine's Day Bash was held at the ever so beautiful Havelock Place Bungalow - more accurately, at the premises of Coi at dè Bungalow who took up residence here a while back. It was more of a private and closed party, the invitees at the event were comprised of around 42 social media influencers. YAMU was here as one of the media partners. 

With its al fresco dining setup, surrounded by the lush greenery, Coi at dè Bungalow's ravishing ambience totally added up to the romantic vibe that this party needed. In fact, it was magnified by the moonlight that trickled through the canopy of trees while the light hanging lit up the whole place. 

From the entrance to the tables, the entire path was adorned with rose petals and candles in mason jars. Even the side of the pool was decorated with a LOVE sign and rose petals and candles floating on the water. So beautiful! 

It was a very entertaining party, with tasteful music, Valentine's day themed drinks, dinner, and fun activities, like DIY desserts with Maliban Real Temptation biscuits. They provided the biscuits with a bunch of other sweets, so the participants can be creative as much they like and come up with a dessert of their making. The winners of these activities and all the participants of the party were sent home with gifts. 

Coi at dè Bungalow, previously known as Coi by Vichalya, is known for whipping up some creative desserts. This time, they managed to pull off this delicious chocolate-based dessert, crafted with none other than Maliban Real Temptation biscuits. 

A special effort was made to dedicate each of these plates to the influencers in the house. You can spot it here, by the beautifully crafted plastic handles placed on the plates, denoting the Instagram handles. 

And this Chicken Beetroot Risotto was the bomb!


The sole purpose of this event was not to be another Valentine's day party in town, and we must say, they succeeded. It was a fun event that united some of the best things in life - good food, romantic melodies, and entertaining games at one of the most aesthetically pleasing venues in Colombo. We are totally looking forward to their next year's V Day bash.

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