Must-see Sri Lankan Cooks on Instagram - III

The 3rd edition of Sri Lankan cooks on Instagram.

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We love our #yamuquarantinecookoff for many reasons, but getting the opportunity to network with the talented Sri Lankan cooks from all corners of the world is the best reason of all. 
This is our 3rd edition of the must-see Sri Lankan cooks on Instagram. For the first and second parts of this article series, please click here and here.
*This is only the third part of a new article series. The purpose here is to appreciate the Sri Lankan cooks on Instagram for all the amazing efforts they make to document their cooking diaries for us to follow and learn. If your/your friend's cooking feed isn't mentioned here, worry not. You'll most definitely see it on the upcoming articles of this series. In the meantime, if you think that there's an Instagram page that we should check out, comment below, or DM us on Instagram.



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A Sri Lankan living in Paris, @meals_finder's cooking adventures aren't limited to Instagram anymore. You can check out his recipes on Meals Finder YouTube channel for step-by-step guidance.



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Based in Canada, Denu Punchihewa, AKA thehangryfoodie___'s Instagram feed is an assortment of many gorgeous cakes, freshly baked goodies and very Sri Lankan curries. 



A post shared by Gimhani Semini||BLOGGER (@my_cooking_diaries95) on

It's impossible not to drool over these curries by Gimhani Semini, the face behind @my_cooking_diaries95. She seems to craft up a lot of healthy juices and snacks too.



A post shared by @ceylonplatter on

@ceylonplatter lives in Malaysia, but her feed is basically Sri Lanka on a plate. Many plates of colourful rice & curry, short eats and truly Lankan breakfast/dinner staples can be spotted here.



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You can catch a glimpse of Chathini Wasana Withanage's love for Sri Lankan food through her Instagram feed, @chathis_food_diary.



A post shared by ???? ?????? (@chefshenal) on

@chefshenal has got many interesting recipes, Sri Lankan and Western. Check out the highlights of his Stories for the full recipes.



A post shared by Erandie N.C (@deeday_diaries) on

The cooking diary of Erandie is presented on @deeday_diaries, her Instagram feed. Lots and lots of Sri Lankan delicacies can be seen here, along with some lovely baked goodies fresh out of the oven.



A post shared by tootingmama (@tootingmama) on

A London-based Sri Lankan, @tootingmama documents her recipes on Instagram, as well as on her website - She's specialised in modern Sri Lankan inspired cooking, and also conducts live cooking classes.



A post shared by Shahzamee Ferozenoon (@reflections_of_shahz) on

@reflections_of_shahz, is a reflection of Shahzamee Ferozenoon's kitchen adventures. Her recipes are posted on Story highlights.



A post shared by Witharanage Ishara Subashini (@ishbashi) on

A Sri Lankan in Baharain, @ishbashi's feed is enough testament to all the interesting flavour mixing and matching that we Sri Lankans can do with our rice and curry.



A post shared by The Food Snaps (@thefoodsnaps) on

@thefoodsnaps inspires a healthy lifestyle through her Instagram feed. Crafting up healthy food in a delicious way is her passion.



A post shared by Foodie Memos (@foodiememos) on

Most of the recipes by @foodiememos are posted alongside the pictures on her feed. Super convenient!


A post shared by My Blue Plate ( on

A doctor by profession and a foodie by passion,'s kitchen adventures take inspiration from many different culinary styles - Sri Lankan, Italian, Mediterranean and Chinese etc.



A post shared by Thili's Food Blog (@thilisfood) on

Rice & curry galore! This is where you should head to if you want to drool over this beloved Sri Lankan delicacy. 



A post shared by ලංකාවේ අපේ කෑම by SL Cuisines (@slcuisines) on

@slcuisines has the prettiest rice & curry plates we've seen on Instagram. Visit her YouTube channel - sl cuisines by Sakura for the full recipes. 



A post shared by Sajini (@plate.theory) on

The digital culinary journal of Sajini is presented on @plate.theory, her Instagram feed. She lives in Singapore, but her family never misses the Sri Lankan food. We noticed a whole bunch of super interesting rice & curry combos here, as well as some fantastic tea time snacks.



A post shared by marian (@marian_artful_tilly) on

Featuring a wonderful arsenal of baked goodies, and many other comfort food, it's hard not to take our eyes off of Marian's Instagram feed -@marian_artful_tilly.



A post shared by Romy Sam (@my_artisan_kitchen) on

From Kabsa to Fish Rolls, we're totally mesmerised by this feed by Romy Sam. Look at this lovely picture of Chicken Mandi! That itself is enough to make us hungry!



A post shared by Recipes|Food|Travel Blog|Dubai (@sincerely.sumi) on

We're hooked on @sincerely_sumi's yummy recipes. They're in both picture and video forms, and for the complete set of recipes, have a look at her YouTube channel - Sincerely Sumi



A post shared by @my_simple_dish on

The recipes by @my_simple_dish are super easy to find, as they're uploaded on the post, alongside the pictures of the dishes. 



A post shared by Thanuja K (@an.enthusiastic.cook) on

Thanuja is a self-taught cook, who is quite enthusiastic about fusion cooking. Her feed mainly consists of Sri Lankan favourites, and a whole heap of baked stuff. 



A post shared by RECIPE.DIARIEZ BY AISHA ???? (@recipe.diariez_by.aisha) on

A scientist by profession, Aisha's kitchen is where she does all sorts of delicious experiments. This picture of Chocolate Gnakatha is enough proof of that.



A post shared by Flavors From Kitchenette (@flavorsfromkitchenette) on

These recipes and pictures by @flavorsfromkitchenette debunk the popular myth that says healthy food is boring. Most of her recipes are mentioned under her pictures, but if you have any doubts, check out her YouTube channel - Flavors From Kitchenette.



A post shared by Ceylon Foodie (@ceylon_food_lover) on

A good dose of Sri Lankan staples, this is something to check out if you need some ideas on awesome food combos.



A post shared by Imasha (@cookingwithatoddler) on

Like the name implies, Imasha cooks with a toddler, and an infant. She presents her food creations in the cutest way possible, which appeals so darn well to the kids. Even us grownups are totally fascinated by them.



A post shared by Impy's_world (@impys_world) on

There are two ways to get access to the delicious treats made in @impys_world, through her Instagram feed, and her YouTube channel - Impy's World