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Need a Job?

We get a million questions on our back end asking for vacancies. We also get a ton of CVs we have no idea what…

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*Cover photo features Michael Scott from The Office. Great TV show to watch whether you're employed, or not. 

So you're over 18 and are in need of a job. Could be because you need some experience to further your blossoming career, but if we're to get real here- it's all about the $$$, no? No judgement, money is great. I love money. Money helps keep your sanity at bay and gives you free reign (ha) to indulge in your favourite food, drinks and activities, si? 

On a daily basis, YAMU gets about 5-10 questions on the back end inquiring about job vacancies, job opportunities, in addition to the countless CVs we receive via email. We really have no idea what to do with any of these CVs but thanks to them we know way too much about most of our users. 

I'm not sure if this post will be very helpful for you accountants who insist on joining the Editorial team at YAMU, but I hope in some way, you find the job you're looking for and the career path you're certain to excel in. 


The internet is a marvelous place for finding things. You can find whatever you set your heart and mind to, from a ghost in a jar, to this modern masterpiece.  If you clicked on that link and emerged alive and well, then you should be convinced that finding a job is pretty much child's play, ironically. All you have to do, is persevere. 

Here are a list of websites that you can visit if you'd like to sift through a plethora of jobs pertaining to every imaginable kind of career portal within Sri Lanka's periphery. 

There are a ton of other sites, of course- but these should be enough to give you a little kick-start for now.


Since the good old Guttenberg days, printed publications have been a blessing upon mankind. This is common knowledge, but you'll find a lot of info within the extensive, highly informative pages of your local newspaper. Sure it might be unreliable or biased on occasion, but the info within the JOBS section of your paper is quite legitimate, I can assure you. Here are a few suggestions:

  • The HitAd
  • Literally Any Newspaper, Ever
  • NOT unless you want to apply for an Editorial or Sales position, in which case, send your CVs to

Social Media Platforms

This is a bit of a tricky one. On a platform like Instagram, you can hold the respected title of Social Media Influencer if you have a camera, a phone, excellent marketing skills, and a little bit of patience. But it's a mine-field out there, so you might as well stick to the basics. 

Facebook has various groups for any, and every topic under the Lankan sun. It's a whirling potpourri of chatter, connections and many job opportunities you'll find if you just dig, dig, dig. 

I don't know why, but someone suggested Twitter. Twitter is a big hit amongst the people here in Sri Lanka, and the hilarious thing is that is spans across all generations. You'll find your uncle using it with a good 1000+ followers more than you will ever garner, which is alarming but a reality nevertheless. If you've got some time to kill and not much else to do (no worries, you're looking for a job for a reason, ne?), hop onto Twitter, immerse yourself in the political and general threads and drop the "Anybody Hiring?" question. With a bit of luck, someone might actually #RT and reply. 

LinkedIn is the most obvious one here. Simply create your LinkedIn profile, try your hardest to not fall asleep at your keyboard as you scroll through various employee/employer profiles and potential candidates who might employ you. This next tip is the hardest task in your job-hunting journey, but try and stay active no matter what. It's very important that you do. Update your status every now and then, share a few blog posts and just keep at it. 


Ah the old fashioned word of mouth game. A dangerous one to play and highly unreliable but as with everything else, the trick is to persevere. Tell everyone you know and anybody who will listen that YOU are READY and ABLE and WILLING to embrace the harsh embrace that the world of employment has for you. 

*Comic courtesy of KC Green 

Target members of the older genertion if you must- their connections over the years will come in handy some way or the other. Tell your friends, your family, your sisters, your brothers and just get the word out there as far as you can. Once you've talked the talk, you will be able to walk the walk. And earn from it.

Work Hard, Party Hard

If you're unemployed, the second bit of this header DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU. If you want to party and enjoy life a bit you gotta work for it, son. So get flexing and start job hunting today.

*Comic courtesy: Bojack Horseman

Do whatever you need to. Remember that you can't just expect a cushy job in the beginning. Not a lot of people hit that jackpot. Bite your lip, your tongue, your words and carry on. It will all be worth it once you're rolling in a few 1000s and have the money to spend the next time you go out with the gangsi for drinks or whatever.

Above all else, DO NOT give up. That is how the system breaks you.

Godspeed to you, my friend.

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