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Get your essentials delivered through

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Whether it be food, groceries or other essential items, delivery is the new norm in the age of pandemic. For the past year, there has been a dramatic rise in online shopping platforms, allowing the customers to shop in the safety of their home, while avoiding the supermarket stockpiling chaos. 

A little over one year down the line, the grocery delivery services have contributed their efforts to meet the staggering demand. Some do it very efficiently, a few have been quite disappointing, while the rest is just all right.

And here we have, which belongs to the first kind. Or simply, the best kind. And here's why.; Running Your Essential Errands 

Since its inception in 2017, has been shining as a convenient e-commerce platform that assembles merchants from different corners of the country, in a manner that they can cater to every lifestyle need of the consumer. From vehicles, properties and leisure to education and the newly added Marketplace, it covers a wide base.
With the pandemic, the Marketplace is their biggest attraction, for many good reasons. Let us elaborate on them; one by one.


Literally, EVERYTHING! Food & beverages, electronics, agriculture, health & beauty, mother & baby care, home & living, sports & fitness and toys; the list goes on. Each of them is categorised very neatly, so it's no hassle to browse through them.

For me, the Food & Beverages section looked quite appealing, as it offers a wide range of cakes, fresh vegetables, fruits, dry rations, cooked food, sweets, bottled/ canned goodies, refreshing drinks, short eats and so much more. 

Islandwide Delivery

Looking for a place to get a birthday cake delivered in Kurunegala? Worry not, has got you covered!

While the city limits of Colombo and its immediate suburbs have plenty of delivery options that consumers can opt for, the cities beyond that do not have that privilege. Thankfully, teams up with many interesting sellers from all corners of the country, while providing islandwide delivery.

The merchants arrange the delivery according to your requirement and it can be done through directly calling or through WhatsApp/ Viber or the website itself.

Free Listing

If you're a merchant, this is great news for you! Listing your products on is absolutely free and involves no commission. You get a dedicated merchant page for your shop, or to display your products, which makes it easy for the customer to shop. They also offer free publicity through social media promotions. Furthermore, the staff call and confirm the order when orders are placed. 

You can apply for financial assistance through them as well, which will make you entitled to priority service by their financial partners.

Affordable Pricing

Due to the commission-free listing process, merchants can offer their products for a lesser price on It makes the customer experience quite wallet-friendly. We all try to save a buck during these critical times, and therefore, such affordable purchases are a boon!

Available On Web & Mobile

With an easily operated website and a mobile app that's available on both iOS and Android, improves the user experience of the merchant and consumer. The consumer can process his/her grocery needs, while the merchants can manage the inventory, with just a few taps on their mobile devices. 

Direct Contact

A key factor in any business deal or transaction is effective communication. enables multiple, direct contact channels in this regard, to ensure that the merchant and consumer can connect with each other in a very straightforward manner. This includes direct calls, WhatsApp and Viber. 

Supports Small Local Businesses Grow

This is one great feature by Many domestic ventures are struggling to get their businesses off the ground for some extra income, but it's no easy task in a time like this. Having realised that, has dedicated a separate category as "Made In Sri Lanka", to give exposure to such merchants and products. A whole collection of beautifully handmade arts, crafts, furniture can be spotted here. Most of these products are quite eco-friendly too. 

They also partnered up with Keells, for their "Keells Podi Business Thana," initiation, to help small local merchants to sell their products at Keells outlets.

Convenient Payment Methods

The payments are processed through merchants. They offer different kinds of payment methods through; simply for the convenience of your use. 

So To Sum Up,

Simply visit Marketplace for your grocery needs, and other essential items. It's a much-needed, thoughtful, timely invention that addresses various issues that you usually encounter in other delivery options. Plus, you'll be helping out many small scale businesses to develop a name for themselves and generate a cash flow. How wonderful!

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