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So, You Wanna Be A DJ? Check Out The DJ Academy!

DJ Academy; the pioneers of Djing in SL.

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Disc Jockey or its abbreviated form DJ has become a household term among many of the contemporary youth. It is a must at nearly any event and is a popular career among youth. When DJ Academy first set off to provide guidance in this interesting and deeply engaging field of entertainment, they had a plan to uplift the DJ Industry and legitimize it. DJ Academy has managed to accomplish it and guide many students within these providing them with a valid certification and constant guidance. 

The love of music is inherent within anyone regardless of age, therefore is not surprising that DJing has gained such a stronghold among Sri Lankans and worldwide. A DJ within himself holds the power to grasp the enjoyment of the event and hold it till the very end. Therefore, the DJ industry in Sri Lanka is thriving. It is also evident that a trained professional DJ is much sought for, not just locally but internationally.

This awareness has brought many prospective students to the DJ academy, not just from Colombo but from all around the country. Since its inception in 2008, the academy has managed to groom at least 100 students per year.

According to Thanujika Perera, the Managing Director of DJ Academy, there is a special skill set that is required by DJs. Apart from having an extensive list of records and jamming them all together, but also about capturing the mood of the crowd and delivering, much of the DJ’s job is within his/her presence and his/her instinct.

DJs are always surrounded by a crowd, and therefore, soft skills are a key component of any DJ. It is the DJs job to grasp the attention of the crowd, provide them with the music that they require. Most of the DJ’s performance can be attributed to their attitude. So, while providing their students with the theoretical base, the DJ Academy ensures to give exposure to all aspects of the art, including the soft skills.

The story behind the DJ academy’s success is mainly due to the flexibility and the student-oriented nature of its courses. DJ academy offers seven programmes for its students. It welcomes anyone to its midst, be it experienced DJ’s seeking valid certifications, to set up their career or simply as a hobby or music enthusiast to learn basic mix and match to relax with music, DJ academy has a programme that will fit each need.

The main DJ programme is consist of three levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Advance. The foundation step includes all of the basic training. The next two steps provide the learners with knowledge on the creative aspect of DJing. 

The academy offers Computer-based DJing, Turntable DJing, Electronic Music DJing and more with the world’s leading DJ industry brands Pioneer DJ, Ableton and Serato Inc.

DJing is something that needs constant practice, and therefore the DJ Academy always makes sure to give that opportunity to its students. They can continue their practices at the institute, even after the completion of their chosen course. This helps them improve their talent and art and ensures that the DJs produced by the academy are world-class.

DJ academy’s curriculum was created by longstanding industry professionals who are aware of the evolving trends and technology of the industry. The academy provides the necessary exposure to thrive in the industry. With the use of modern state-of-the-art equipment and innovative training methods, DJ Academy provides both a theoretical background and hands-on experience through training. The academy further provides students full access to their library, music archives and training videos. 

During this pandemic, DJ Academy has implemented all the necessary hygiene and safety measurements against COVID-19, as advised by the local health authorities. They apply to the students of the academy, its staff, and also the visitors. Masks are mandatory, and since all programs are conducted as one on one sessions, they make sure to sanitise the equipment after every session. 

It is quite a well-known fact that the entertainment industry is a billion-dollar industry in the world and DJing falls right in the middle of it. Therefore, for anyone who wants to pursue a career in this field, there will no doubt be plenty of opportunities both in Sri Lanka and abroad. DJ academy with its pioneer DJ certificate and Serato DJ pro Certificate ensures that each student that passes out has an excellent chance of gaining opportunities and advancing themselves in the field.

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