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16 Sri Lankanisms, Bung

Here's a short list of bokken Sri Lankan words and phrases you need to know if you're Sri Lankan or if you're in…

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We're embracing our Sri Lankan-ness with a bit more vigour than usual today, and have compiled this list of words which make us authentic, quintessential Sri Lankans. We're totally not judging you, but you're just not Sri Lankan enough if you've never used 'bung' or 'machan' at some point in life. Or if you haven't been called it at some point either.

The awesomesauce pictures we've used are also completely local, and sourced off Nazly's Flickr account. I'm terrible with Photoshop, so muchos gracias bohoma sthuuthiy to Malinthe for doing the bulk of work on this.

Now, back to Sri Lankanisms. This doesn't cover everything, but here's 16 of them off the top of our heads. If you've got any favourites you'd like to share, hit us up in the comments.

1. Machan

"How you doing, machan?"

2. Bung

"I'm alright, bung."

3. Bambuwa

Also works along the lines of 'goodness knows what's happening', when you're really annoyed.

4. Aney

Oh, this could also be used to express annoyance. Did we mention that there are a LOT of those words?

5. Kaella

Not to be confused with "kella", which is what it ideally should be.

6. Redda

Like, what the heck, yea?

7. Mala Wadayak

The expression says it all.

8. No?

"It's very hot today, no?"

9. Mokak

Say what?

10. Achchige Redda

We did mention that we become very creative when it comes to expressing annoyance, right? Even when the phrases used makes zero sense?

11. Hena Gahapan

Ouch. Good day to you too, kind sir.

12. Mee Haraka

This is pretty safe to use around parents, it's not really THAT bad. I mean it's bad, but just not that bad.

13. Mala Keliyay

Oh shoot.

14. Patta

"That was a patta knock by Sanga, man!"

15. Palayang Bung Yanna

Just... just palayang, men.

16. Shape

This post is shape eke okay, no?

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