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Tasty Treato For Your Goodest Boy/Girl? Check Out Black Hawk Pet Food!

A note for your furry friend.

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Humans are aware of the effects of ingredients on our diet and the direct influences on our health and well-being. And needless to say, the passionate pet owners, want to do the same for their pets. Black Hawk brand is all about the ingredients that go into making your best furry friends’ diet. The ‘real food’ promise characterises the entire Black Hawk pet food range. It is about making sure your pet gets everything they need, and nothing they don’t.

The brand philosophy is ‘Every Ingredient Matters’. Black Hawk uses real food to create nutritious diets for cats and dogs of every size, age, and dietary requirement. The freshest Australian-sourced meats, vegetables, fruits, pulses and herbs make Black Hawk dog food and cat food the ultimate choice for thoughtful pet owners. 

Free of wheat, corn, soy, gluten, artificial preservatives, colours, flavours and unnecessary fillers, Black Hawk foods feature a fine balance of essential proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega oils. The addition of key nutrients like sea kelp, emu oil, dandelion and chicory root make everything from Black Hawk wet dog food to dry cat food the best it can be. 

Where To Get Them is the exclusive distributor for the Black Hawk pet care range in Sri Lanka. It's a family-owned online and brick + mortar pet store dedicated to providing and supplying quality products to pet parents and pet enthusiast in Sri Lanka.

Located in Nugegoda just outside of Colombo city limits, its customers have been singing praises since the pet products retailer launched in 2014. The company has built a loyal following with the core value that pet parents regard their fur babies as significant members of their families. 

You can place your orders through the website itself - Simply type Black Hawk on the search bar, and it will display all the treatos for your good boy/girl. Their range is quite impressive and wide - from Chicken & Pea Broth to Beef Wet Food to Lamb & Rice Dry Food. They will surely have your furry babies drooling all over them!

They accept card payments, cash on delivery, and bank transfers. Each delivery is subjected to a flat rate of Rs. 350, within Colombo city limits. Or, you can opt for self-pickup, where they will arrange by appointment at the

Simply visit or their YouTube Channel for more details about these nutritious goodies. 

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