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Online Shopping In Sri Lanka

If you ever feel like some retail therapy, here's a list of sites that deliver all the way here.

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When it comes to swiping that delightful magnetic magic strip, our choices are locally limited. Unlike toilet paper, we hold a little more regard for our credit cards when it comes to swiping since quite a bit of moolah is spent on material items we don't really need (but choose to buy anyway). So, if you're interested in engaging in a little retail therapy (aside from AmazoneBay or Ali Express) whilst simultaneously swiping through the buttcrack of capitalism then read on and indulge yourselves!


Be it makeup or a pair of chinos for your cousin's wedding, these sites have got you covered, just be on the lookout for their Clearance/Seasonal sales. (Asos)

Asos is my go-to shopping site. They provide a range of quality items at rather high prices, but, if you bag a few items during their many sales, it's 100% worth it. Delivery is handled well. Although, you'll have to sit by the sill and stare longingly out the window for the items to arrive. You'll be pleased to know that they make it in very good shape. 

  • Delivery Time: 25 days for standard shipping. (This totally varies - we once got a large package of dresses in 12 days, and on another occassion we got makeup in almost 2 months)
  • Delivery Charges: $4.51 for standard shipping (but it's FREE if you shop over $30!!!!).

Fashion Market has some really interesting and quirky pieces up for grabs, like their Post-Box Tunic. There's also a ton of other beautiful pieces of clothing you can pick up if you have the cash, so why not?

  • Delivery Charges: Free island-wide delivery for orders over Rs. 3,500.

Honestly speaking, Dress Link looks a bit dodgy and is full of knock-off makeup products and clothes: possibly conceived in some in-the-shadows workshop somewhere in a desolate corner of the world. But uphold the magnificent Lankan spirit and make your purchase because nothing's better than affordable and not-too-shabby clothing!

  • Delivery Time: 15-25 business days for standard shipping.
  • Delivery Charges: Not listed on site.

BH Cosmetics 

BH Cosmetics is a household name for cosmetics that aren't crazy expensive but aren't crazy cheap either. From personal experience I haven't had any negative reactions (like allergies and such, god forbid) from using their makeup products. If you feel like treating yourself after pay-day, then definitely check them out.

  • Delivery Time: 20 days for standard shipping.
  • Delivery Charge: $7 for standard shipping.

Electronics, etc

If you're lucky they'll have exactly what you want. Although they're pretty much like Amazon or eBay - everything under one roof - Jadopado is well known for their tech merchandise. They appear to be widely trusted and offer good service (from what I've heard), so if you're in need of a new subwoofer or headphones, then get yourself acquainted with their extensive range of items.


One of the sadder things in life is not being able to purchase certain books due to unavailability. From the rarer tomes to more commercial paperbacks, these sites might have what you're looking for - if not something better, perhaps.

Book Depository

Recommended by many a bookworm, Book Depository is your one stop shop for any and all types of literature. From cookbooks to finance to history, they have quite a plethora of titles to choose from. 

Delivery Time: 10 days minimum.
Delivery Charge: Free international shipping.

thrift books 

Thrift Books is pretty much the same as Book Depository, except that they charge for shipping. Chances are you might find what you want in either one. If not, you could comb through the books at the secondhand bookstores.

Delivery Time: 15-20 business days for standard shipping.
Delivery Charge: $4.99 for standard shipping.


For all your other needs, take a look at these websites:

Shopping Tips

  • Remember the #1 rule of shopping online: ALWAYS browse from low to high prices.
  • Check often for sales updates.
  • NEVER give out personal/CC info if it takes you through an ad. 
  • Always go through your cart for revisions and read reviews before purchasing a product. Stick to the 'Trust Only Four Star Reviews' rule.

Happy shopping, and if you have any personal favourite websites, let us know in the comments.