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The Sawan List - Eid Special (2020)

Treat your fam with a flavoursome biriyani this Eid.

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It's nearly Eid. As much as we love to celebrate this day with all of our loved ones, we have to limit it to just family this time, due to the ongoing pandemic.

Ramadan isn't complete without a freshly made, flavoursome, fragrant biriyani on the table, which everyone shares together with so much joy. If you do not have the capacity to make one at home, here are a few places in Colombo that deliver biriyani sawans to your doorstep.

This is a working list. If you're a restaurant, and interested in featuring your Eid special sawans here, call at 0753761761 or email

Chola Authentic Indian Restaurant

One of our favourite spots for Indian fare in Colombo, Chola Authentic Indian Restaurant does four kinds of sawans this Eid; Chicken (Rs. 5500), Chicken Tikka (Rs. 6500), Mutton (Rs. 6500) and Prawn (Rs. 6500). They also offer a full tandoori chicken with every sawan for free. Each of these sawans is sharable among six people and includes your preferred meat, Raita, Gravy, Green Salad, Gulab Jamun (6pc) and Eggs. 

  • Contact: 0114363118


Acropol is known for their shawarma but for this Eid, they're preparing a couple of two-meat biriyani sawans. One is comprised of Beef and Chicken (Rs. 5500), while the other one comes with Mutton and Chicken (Rs. 8850), and they serve a whole bunch of accompaniments to pair it with, including Chicken Satay, Maldives Fish Sambol, Mango Chutney, Raita, Masala Gravy and Watalappan. 6 - 8 people can easily fill up on these.

  • Orders need to be placed before the 22nd of May.
  • Pickup time: 10.00 AM to 2.30 PM on Eid day.
  • Contact: 0764 710 990/ 0774 577 577/ 0114 710 990


Chana's Eid Special Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani comes in a clay pot, and you can choose between Chicken and Mutton as your meat. Accompanied with Tandoori Chicken, Raita, Green Peas & Cashew Curry, Malay Pickle and Watalappan, their half pot serves four people (Chicken - Rs. 3000, Mutton - Rs. 3400), while the full pot serves eight (Chicken - Rs. 5050, Mutton - Rs. 5850). Both takeaway and delivery are available between 10.00 AM and 2.00 PM on the Eid day. You have to make the full payment in advance as you place your order.

  • Contact: 0113288788/ 0775133655 (WhatsApp)

Habibiz Sri Lanka

Habibiz Sri Lanka does three kinds of Eid special biriyani sawans this year - Chicken (Rs. 3600), Beef (Rs. 3900) and Mutton (Rs. 5300). Each sawan is served with the meat of your pick, Malay Pickle, Green Peas, Maldive Fish Sambol and Watalappan.

  • Contact: 0112722282/ 0113694694

Dindigul Thalappakatti Restaurant

Dindigul Thalappakatti is where you go to when you want to tickle your taste buds with a taste of Tamil Nadu. They're making three kinds of biriyani sawans for this Eid - Mutton (Rs. 6900), Chicken (Rs. 5400) and Veg (Rs. 4100).

  • Serves 5 - 8 people
  • Contact: 0114878787/ 0777167226

Maharaja Palace

Maharaja Palace covers all the bases with their Eid special offering of Veg Biriyani (Rs. 5500), Chicken Biriyani (Rs. 6500), Prawn Biriyani (Rs. 7500) and Mutton Biriyani (Rs. 7500) sawans. 

  • Serves 6 - 8 people
  • Open for orders from 11.00 AM to 6.00 PM
  • Delivery within Colombo city limits
  • Free delivery
  • Contact: 0114886000

Marine Grill

Marine Grill has three kinds of sawan for this Eid - Chicken (Rs. 3400), Beef (Rs. 3700) and Mutton (Rs. 4700), which are inclusive of the helpings of Full Fried Chicken, Achcharu, Green Peas & Cashew Nut Curry, Curd Salad, Maldive Fish Sambol and Watalappan.

  • Orders need to be placed before the 22nd of May, open from 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM
  • Delivery within Colombo city limits
  • Accepts cash on delivery and card payments
  • Contact: 0777300686/ 0112364727

The Mango Tree (GSH Colombo)

The Mango Tree by GSH is bringing you three varieties of biriyani assorted with Chicken (Rs. 4900)/ Beef (Rs. 5500)/ Mutton (Rs. 7000), Raita, Mint Sambol, Fried Chicken, Cashew & Green Peas Curry, Maldive Fish Sambol and Watalappan. 

  • Serves six people
  • Delivery areas: Colombo 1 - 15, Dehiwala, Mount Lavinia, Ratmalana, Moratuwa, Nugegoda, Nawala, Rajagiriya
  • Accepts cash on delivery and card payments
  • Contact: 077788896/ 0117111660

Cakes & Bakes

This is yet another option to go for if you're craving for a Chicken (Rs. 3750), Beef (Rs. 4250) or a Mutton (Rs. 5200) Biriyani sawan. They include Pineapple Curry, Green Peas, Maldive Fish Sambool, Malay Pickle, Achchcaru and Watalappan alongside the meat of your choice.

  • Orders need to be placed before the 22nd of May.
  • Contact: 0764412792/ 0779798899

Malay Restaurant

Malay Restaurant is known for its giant portions of food, and we're pretty sure that they'd live up to that with their Eid special sawans too. Whether it be Chicken (Rs. 4900), Beef (Rs. 5500) or Mutton (Rs. 7500) biriyani sawan, you can easily place the orders through this link - The accompaniments include Full Fried Chicken, Toplam Sambol, Green Peas & Cashew Curry, Pineapple Stew, Malay Pickle and Watalappan. Note that their sawans are available for pickup only.


Priced at Rs. 5200, Kandoori's Chicken Biriyani Sawan is enough for 6 - 8 hungry adults, and comes with extra full Fried Chicken, Mixed Vegetable Curry, Maldive Fish Sambol, Malay Pickle and Watalappan.

  • Contact: 0777511911 


If you live around Dehiwala, you have the option of getting a sawan from TummyLicious. They are crafting up three kinds - Chicken (Rs. 3700), Beef (Rs. 4950) and Mutton (Rs. 6200), which are sharable between six adults. All of these sawans are rich with many elements, including the preferred meat, Mint Sambol, Green Peas Curry, Cucumber Raita and Eggs. For more details, click here.

  • Orders can be placed before the 23rd of May.
  • Delivery available. Pick up after 12.00 PM on Eid day.
  • Contact: 0777668017
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