The Sawan List (Sawans For Eid Ul-Adha - 2020)

Sawans to celebrate Eid Ul-Adha - 2020.

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On the 1st of August, 2020, the Muslim community will be celebrating the Eid Ul-Adha. It's a festival that's involved with sacrifice, spirituality and delicious feasts. 

If you're looking for a place to get your biriyani sawan fix this Eid, check out our list!

This is a working list. If you're a restaurant, and interested in featuring your Eid special sawans here, call at 0753761761 or email

Saveira Indian Restaurant

Known for their authentic Indian fare, Saveira's does two special sawans - Chicken (Rs. 3750) and Mutton (Rs. 5200). Featuring Green peas Masala, Maldive fish sambol, Raitha, Chicken curry, Tandoori Chicken/Fried Chicken/Mutton as per your choice, as well as Chicken Lollipop, Boiled eggs and Malay pickle and Watalappan, they've got quite the variety.

Their regular biriyani sawans are also available at special rates - Chicken (Rs. 3250), Mutton (Rs. 4700) and Prawns (Rs. 4200).

If biriyani isn't what you're craving for, try ordering their Ghee Rice Sawan (Rs. 3250) that comes with Brinjal moju, Devilled Potato, Dhal curry, Maldive fish sambol, Fried chicken and complimentary Watalappan. Every order needs to be placed 24 hours in advance.

Contact: 0112 554344 - 24

Chola Authentic Indian Restaurant

We love Chola for many reasons, and their Chicken Tikka Biriyani is one of them. And this time around, you can get it as a sawan too! 

Aside from the Chicken Tikka Biriyani Sawan (Rs. 6500), they also do Chicken (Rs. 5500), Mutton (Rs. 6500) and Prawn (Rs. 6500). Each of them can be shared among 6 people. 

Contact: 0114363118


Chana's is one of the best bets in town for delicious biriyani. Their speciality is Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani, and they do a good job at it. 

Chana's special Eid treat takes the shape of a pot of Chicken Biriyani, and you can either opt for the 4-person one, or the 8-person one.

Contact: 0117939788/ 0775133655 (WhatsApp)

Habibiz Sri Lanka

Habibiz does both Basmati and Samba Biriyani sawans, which they serve with Chicken, Beef and Mutton. Aside from that, they also have a Basmati Chicken Fried Rice Biriyani Sawan, and a Mixed Nasi Sawan. Pretty cool!

Contact: 0712222281

Dindigul Thalappakatti Restaurant

The Dindigul style biriyani at Thalappakatti will surely tickle your taste buds in a different way. For this Eid, they're serving a family-style biriyani bucket - Chicken (Rs. 4068) and Mutton (Rs. 5139), which comes with complimentary Chicken 65, Sweets and 2 cans of Coca-Cola.

Contact: 0114878787/ 0777167226

The Mango Tree (GSH Colombo)

To make this Eid special, The Mango Treet at GSH Colombo is offering both sawans and pots of biriyani, with three kinds of meat - Chicken, Beef and Mutton. A sawan of biriyani can serve 6 people, while the pot is enough for 2-3.

Contact: 0777788896/ 0117111660


Kandoori is yet another popular pick for biriyani in the city. Their Eid special biriayni sawans are available with five kinds of proteins - Chicken, Mutton, Beef, Prawns and Fish.

Contact: 0777511911

Indian Summer

One of the high-end Indian restos in the city, Indian Summer's Sawan Feast is back for another Eid. 4 kinds of biriyani sawans await for your indulgence, as well as 2 fried rice sawans. All of them are available for delivery and takeaway, and they also offer a bottle of EGB for free.

Contact: 0112662112 (Colombo), 0812235030 (Kandy), 0522224511 (Nuwaraeliya)

Aasife Biriyani

Celebrate the joy of Eid by ordering a special sawan from Aasife Biriyani! They've got the usual varieties like Chicken and Mutton, and also a few specialities like Paneer, BBQ and Chicken 65. For those of you who are not that into biriyani, they've crafted up a Nasi goreng sawan.

Contact: 0114940940/ 0114335577/ 0777962749

Indian Kitchen

Indian Kitchen is pretty new to the restaurant scene in Colombo and we're yet to review them. However, they've introduced 3 kinds of biriyani sawans (Chicken, Beef, Mutton) for Eid, so you can treat your family to a happy meal.

Contact: 0768241111


The following places do not do Eid Specials, but they serve biriyani sawans/ pots on a regular basis.

  • Gujarati Pot Biriyani - A favourite among the suburban residential crowd in Mount Lavinia, Gujarati Pot Biriyani is quite generous with their portions. They do four kinds of biriyani - Chicken, Mutton, Fish and Veg, which are available in small (2 people), medium (4 people), large (6 people) and extra-large (8 people) portions sizes. Contact: 0113666858
  • The Bearded Chef - This home-based venture does boxfuls of tasty biriyani that 8 - 10 adults can easily fill up on. Available with Chicken (Rs. 5000), Beef (Rs. 5500) and Mutton (Rs. 6500). From what we gathered, they follow a recipe that had been in their family for generations. Contact: 0772132223
  • Royal Biriyani & BBQ - Royal Biriyani has upped their biriyani game a lot in the past couple of years. Their BBQ Chicken Biriyani is an absolute must-try. Contact: 0777117763
  • Pot Biriyani - It's been more than 6 years since Pot Biriyani was initiated, and they've been a reliable biriyani vendor ever since. As the name implies, they serve their biriyani in clay pots, and the base of the biriyani can either be rice or string hoppers. Orders can be placed via their website, or call at 0777330938/ 0716669669.
  • Galle Caterers - Galle Caterers has been around for many years, and known for taking care of bulk orders of rice-based specialities. Their Chicken Biriyani Sawan is offered in three different portion sizes - 02-person (Rs. 1300), 03-person (Rs. 2000) and 04-person (Rs. 2500). Contact: 0114949222/ 0114542240/ 0112728480/ 0114367755