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Where To Eat This Weekend (17th of September, 2020)

5 places to try this weekend.

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The weather is being unkind, but if you get a break, these are the places that you should not miss checking out this weekend.

Sushi Kai

Sushi Kai has branched out and we're over the moon! The new branch is in Thalawathugoda, where Spinner Cafe used to be. While we're not entirely happy about the demise of Spinner Cafe, we're quite happy that Sushi Kai is maintaining the consistency of their good flavours in their newly opened outlet. The seafood here is quite fresh, sushi is neatly rolled, and we highly recommend the Tempura Fried Chocolate Brownie. It's the best way to end your meal. 

Bakes by Bella

How about a brunch session to chase away your rainy day blues? With their picturesque dishes that boast with rich flavours, Bakes by Bella's Breakfast/Brunch menu has so much to offer. On the sweet side, they've got an excellent French Toast that comes with a good dose of fruity kicks, all thanks to the generous, yet balanced use of caramalised bananas, strawberries and blueberry coulis. As for savoury stuff, try the Egg Benedict, or the English Breakfast - both of them are amazing.

Philling Station

If you have a bottle of your own that needs to be paired up with some superb meaty goodies, Philling Station is your spot. Specialised in Filipino-style BBQ, their Mixed Grill Platter is total value for money for just Rs. 3500. It's an assortment of six chicken sausages, five chicken wings, four chicken drumlets, two pork sausages, two pork chops, four pork skewers, a helping of garlic bread, and fried mushroom or French fries. Enough for four hungry bellies.

Thai House Colombo

We're loving Thai House Colombo for their fantastic Pineapple Fried Rice and Thai Red Curry. The Pineapple Fried Rice comes with a heap of roast cashews, grilled prawns and bits of pineapple, making a wonderfully sweet and sour affair. As for the Thai Red Curry, it's one of the best of that kind we've had. With just the right punch from spices and lemongrass, it does a really good job savouring up the rice.

Mad Mousse

Mad Mousse does the perfect mousse in Colombo! From texture to richness to promised elements, they all the correct boxes, in the best possible way. Adorned with a layer of crushed KitKats on top, the KitKat Mousse had more of the same buried within its intensely chocolaty, silky smooth, light and fluffy texture. It's the mark of perfection, really. Even the Snickers Mousse was packed with the promised chocolate. So good, so good!

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