Where To Eat This Weekend (24th of July, 2020)

5 places to try this weekend.

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What are you craving for this weekend? Some cheesy pasta, maybe? Or perhaps a bowl of Beef pho with a glass of icy cold of Vietnamese coffee?
Here we have 5 great choices for this weekend, for the aforementioned cravings and more!

The Cuisine Colombo

The Cuisine Colombo is the new kid on the block. Located down New Parliament Road in Battaramulla, their menu takes inspiration from different cuisines around the world, including European, Italian, Asian-fusion and Sri Lankan etc. We absolutely enjoyed their Four Cheese Penne, a pasta made with Paneer, Ricotta, Parmesan and Mozzarella, and the Filet Mignon was total steak sauce!

Kim's Kitchen

If you live in Battaramulla and craving for Vietnamese cuisine, Kim's Kitchen is your best bet. Cooked by a Vietnamese chef, the food and drinks at Kim's Kitchen have a very authentic touch to it. We enjoyed some superb Beef Pho here, and Chicken wrapped in Piper Lalot, a betel-like leaf that is being used in Vietnamese cuisine as a flavouring wrap. Make sure to try their Vietnamese Iced Coffee - they do a good one.

The Bearded Chef

Having some people over this weekend? Save the hassle of spending hours and hours of cooking for your guests, by ordering up a boxful of delicious biriyani by The Bearded Chef. It's a family recipe and one box of biriyani can feed about 8 - 10 adults. The complimentary Watalappan they offer with it is quite good too.

Oh La La

Oh La La does crepes - both sweet and savoury, and is a venture by Rollo Ice Cream in Liberty Plaza food court. We highly recommend their Nutella With Brownie Crepe. 

Makotoya (One Galle Face)

The ramen counterpart of One Galle Face, Makotoya is a must-try if you're all for this beloved Japanese delicacy. Most of the ingredients they've got here are flown all the way from Japan, and the food is cooked by Japanese chefs. You can either settle for pre-customised ramen, or build one on your own. We tried both, and the end result was incredible!