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Where To Eat This Weekend (26th of February, 2021)

5 places to try this weekend.

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It's the long weekend, but are you one of those poor souls (like me) stuck in Colombo because you have better things to do than taking a vacation (sigh)? 

In that case, here we have a list of places, if you wish to take a break from staring at your computer and grab a bite. 

Spice Market

Spice Market is a commercial kitchen that does some fantastic Asian-style treats, and one of the best eclairs we've had to date. Their menu takes inspiration from Thai, Sri Lankan, Mongolian and Middle Eastern fare, and we thoroughly enjoyed the Mongolian Beef Rice and the Chicken Kabsa. Both of them were packed with the right spices and herbs, and had a lot of meat to boot too. 

Nelum Kole

If you're in the vicinity of Boralesgamuwa, Nelum Kole is your best bet to grab some delicious rice & curry. With every meat and curry that you can possibly think of, they've also got a separate stand just for fried rice, nasi goreng and the likes. 


Dwaraka manages to strike a decent balance between authentic north and south Indian flavours. Our recent experience here included some good Chilli Paneer and okay Onion Uthappam.

Wok To Box

Wok To Box is where you'd find the spiciest fried rice/noodles in Colombo. In here, you can customise a box of rice/noodles by mixing and matching the ingredients - sauces, toppings, meats and spicy level. The highest level of spiciness is called the O.M.Flaming God, and they're not kidding about it. It's basically a burning torpedo, densely packed with kohchi and nai miris


ParkBay is specialised in Sri Lankanised Chinese and Indian fare, and they offer them at a very affordable rate. They do some good naan and curries, and we particularly recommend this Seafood Fried Rice which comes with a heap of devilled prawns and cuttlefish. 

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