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Where To Eat This Weekend (4th of September 2020)

5 places to check out this weekend.

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Amid the chaos that is 2020, we've arrived at the 9th month - September, which is supposed to be the most beautiful month of the year. With everything that's going on in the world, we're not too sure about how to make it beautiful, but here's what you can do to make it flavourful.


Dushy's isn't about salads anymore. Now they have an extended menu, which reflects their passion for being culinary adventurous. Take this PHAT Brownies for an example. It's a construction comprising of three layers - chocolate chip cookie dough at the bottom, Oreos in the middle, and brownie mix on top. The flavours are very well balanced - none of the layers dominates the other, so you can actually taste the rich flavours of all three of them. They also do an interesting take on Hakuru Chicken Rice, as well as Honey Roast Pork & Mash, which had the creamiest bed of mashed potatoes we've had in a while.

Ceylon Anglers Club

It's the first week of the month and you're already broke? Worry not, because if you've looking for a budget-friendly tipple, Ceylon Anglers Club serves as an option. But mind you, it's far from fancy. It's a dodgy bar, commonly known as the "wala" in Fort. They do some classic bites - Kadala Kottu, Devilled Thalapath, Fried Rice and the likes, which are value for money.

BBQ Station

Colombo's BBQ scene has been popping for a while now, and BBQ Station highlights themselves, not only for the glorious meaty platters but also for the prettiest ambience. Their Platter for Two comes with two jumbo sausages, two decent sized pieces of chicken, pork ribs, two slices of fish, and a couple of pieces of tomato and celery as a garnish, which is totally worthy for the Rs. 3500 you pay for it.

Cafe 47

We're in love with Cafe 47 for two reasons - their freshest roast paan and the unique ambience. Made with a fascinating combination of bamboo frames and hay, the interior here is absolutely gorgeous, and the wooden tables and chairs, add up to its charm. They're one of the first places to introduce the whole roast paan, meat, pol sambol and dhal curry deal, and have been doing a wonderful job at that, along with the other excellent dishes on the menu.

Chooty's Kitchen

After a small break, Chooty's Kitchen is back, and boy oh boy aren't we glad! Smothered with their range of super homemade sauces, these sticky, messy and succulent chicken wings are just what you need, if you're planning on binge-watching your favourite shows this weekend.

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