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YAMU Loves: Crispy Pork Knuckle at The Bavarian

Here's a closer look at one of our favourite pork dishes in Colombo: Bavarian's crispy pork knuckle.

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We usually review places, but in this YAMU Loves feature we'll highlight some of our favorite food and drink around the city.

You can't really call yourself a pork lover in Colombo until you've scaled the delicious Everest that is The Bavarian's crispy pork knuckle. Known as Schweinshaxe or Schweinshaxn in Deutschland, it's a classic that The Bavarian does great justice to.

The first thing that'll probably cross your mind when you see this come to your table is wonder at if this portion is for one person: and the answer is yes, yes it is. So buckle up and get ready for what's likely going to be one of the longest meals you'll have. As a general word of advice, if you plan to have the pork knuckle, we suggest skipping your prior meal, because this portion is that big!

The knuckle comes with a side of parlsey potatoes, salad, sauerkraut and a brilliant gravy. Honestly, we've never quite been able to finish the entire plate since it's just too much with the potatoes, but that's a good problem.

The knuckle itself has been cooked perfectly on each occassion that we've tried it, with a crispy crackling, and tender meat and fat rendered perfectly to the point where it just melts in your mouth. The gravy also enhances the flavour of the pork brilliantly by adding a bit of added savoriness and richness.

The best part is that if you find yourself having an uncontrollable craving for the pork knuckle, you can have it delivered through Room Service.