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YAMU Loves: Mocha CBP By Artisan Diletto

Our favourite CBP in town.

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We usually review places, but in this YAMU Loves feature we'll highlight some of our favourite food and drink around the city.

We tried Artisan Diletto's CBPs for the first time in June, and have been obsessing over them ever since. Much like Better Butter Bakery's Made In Heaven Brownies, this is something we're tempted to have, at least once a month. And there's a very good reason behind that!

The Mocha Chocolate Biscuit Pudding

Don't get us wrong, we like Artisan Diletto's Classic CBP, but we absolutely LOVE this Mocha CBP. It has a great depth of flavour that we haven't encountered in any other chocolate biscuit pudding in town. 

It's simply layers and layers of wonder. The top surface is covered with chocolate chips, and underneath that lies a glossy pool of rich dark chocolate cream embedded with levels of perfectly milk-soaked Marie biscuits. 

Lusciously creamy, gooey and silky smooth in texture, the chocolate flavour here is quite bold. In fact, that's what demands your attention as you take each spoonful, and then comes that beautiful, decadent coffee kick, which makes things even.

It's a beautiful blend of coffee and chocolate, creating that perfect mocha flavour, all while incorporating with the taste and texture of Marie biscuits. Hidden within this mass of chocolate and Marie, you will also find many tiny bits of cashew, which are an extra delight to munch on. 

Artisan Diletto uses refined sugar, and a very little amount of it, so you won't taste any overwhelming sugary notes in their CBPs. 


If you haven't had Artisan Diletto's Mocha CBP yet, you're missing out on one of the BEST, unique chocolate biscuit puddings in the city. Check out your PickMe Food radius for Artisan Diletto, or DM/ WhatsApp them on 0720606989 for direct orders. 

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