YAMU's Favourite Lamprais In Colombo

5 lamprais in Colombo that one should not miss.

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Sri Lanka is a buth island. Isolated smack dab in the middle of the Indian Ocean, we've never been limited to just Lankan things in the kitchen. Dishes taking inspiration from different culinary fares - from Asian and European to Middle Eastern and American, and adding a twist of ours to make them even more interesting, exploring the culinary styles in Sri Lanka is an adventure itself. And then we have the regional culinary heritage varying from Jaffna style to Southern. 
This is one of the perks you get when you live in a country colonised not once, not twice, but thrice - aside from all the other business and political encounters we've been through over the years. 
The Dutch rule in Sri Lanka changed so many things for us - architecture, religion, law and forenames, to name a few. But one of the best things among them has to be the invention of Lamprais. Seriously, what made them create this spicy, sweet, and tangy treat, the ultimate ensemble of flavours, all rolled up in a piece of a banana leaf? We may never know, but does it matter? Nope, absolutely not, because we have plenty of places in Colombo to grab one of these and enjoy it to our heart's content. 
So in this list of our favourite lamprais in Colombo, we've only covered lamprais you can get over the counter of a restaurant, and not home cooks. Also, finding a lamprais which is authentic to its core is a bit tricky. As I said, we Lankans have a habit of giving a whirl of our own to any food we can find. So the options below may not be the most authentic versions of lamprais, but we're sure as hell that they're the most delicious. 

The Fab

Bursting at the seams of the banana leaf with chicken stock infused Samba rice, curried chicken, shrimp blanchan, brinjal pahi, ash plantain curry, frikkadel, boiled and deep-fried egg along with a helping of seeni sambol, this is easily the best lamprais you can find in Colombo. True, it's nowhere near the authentic lamprais but it's pretty much a dance of flavours and textures that are meant to be enjoyed in small spoonfuls so you get an equal distribution of each and every element mentioned above.

But mind you, this runs out very fast. We realised that there's a short timeframe in between 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM, that'll allow you to successfully snag a parcel for yourself, so we highly recommend you seize that window of an opportunity. 

VOC Cafe (Dutch Burgher Union)

All-meat Lamprais isn't easy to come across, but thankfully, VOC Cafe by DBU does one. In fact, if you're looking for the most authentic version of lamprais, this is the place you should drop by. Smelling like heaven, it's a hot parcel of banana leaf packed to its brim with stock-soaked rice, and has servings of sweet brinjal, blachan, frikkadels, and seeni sambol just for kicks, while the meat mixture is a combination of chicken, beef and pork, marinated in a delicious blend of spices. 

Green Cabin

Yet another long-standing establishment in town, the Green Cabin whips up a good chicken lamprais. In this one, you can actually taste that leafy goodness and unique aroma contributed by the banana leaf, along with the curries, sambols and rice packed in it. All the key elements of a Lankan lamprais can be spotted in this - frikkadel, blachan, brinjal pahi, ash plantain, a good piece of chicken infused with a chock-full of spices, plus a tasty dollop of seeni sambol. This one works out quite well with a glass of fizzy Coca-Cola


With a history running all the way back to 1985,  Sponge is still among the best places in the city for affordable short eats, sweets and of course, lamprais. The rice here isn't the most flavourful one, but the ingredients on the plate truly make up for that. One taste from that delicious piece of chicken smothered in spices is enough proof of that. With a swirl of sweetness from the brinjal and seeni sambol, while the ash plantain being the mushy and creamy delight, it's practically impossible to say no to this one. 

Gihan's Family Restaurant

Gihan's take on lamprais is a bit oily one, but do not let it stop you from wanting to gobble it down. This is actually something that touches the bases of Lankan kaha buth, fried rice and lamprais, making for a yummy combination. The rice is seasoned well, has bits of cashews and prunes, and comes with the biggest piece of chicken (a whole chicken leg) we've ever seen on a lamprais. The ash plantain is fried, not curried, but has a load of spices involved, while the brinjal pahi and seeni sambol are sweet as expected - making the proper balance between spicy and sweet aspects. Have a Coca-Cola on the side, you're going to need it. 

Aside from these, Bamboo Room in Hotel Nippon, and Don's Deli do some great lamprais too. In fact, VOC by DBU has the most authentic version of lamprais in Colombo, but from what we've experienced during our recent visits, the standards of them seem to have gone down. As for Don's Deli, they make it only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 

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