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YAMU's Top Picks For April - 2021

Our top 5 picks for April 2021.

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We had the pleasure of exploring many culinary encounters throughout the month of April, 2021. Some of them were great, and the rest were quite all right. Nonetheless, among the little moments that we savoured this month, these are our top picks!

Chaiwala Colombo

Chaiwala Colombo took Colombars by storm, when they parked their tiny food cart (a tuk, actually) down Marine Drive. Serving up some excellent tandoori chai and masala chai, this is an experience to indulge, as it comes with a dose of fresh sea breeze and gorgeous sunset views. 

Colombo Chaiwala

Colombo Chaiwala won our hearts by crafting up more incredibly rich chai, coupled with many sweet and savoury goodies. One must really taste their tandoori/masala chai - beef samosa combo. It's the best. 

The Grill By Doctor's Kitchen

The Grill By Doctor's Kitchen is arguably the best grill we've come across in Colombo. With a menu that includes pretty much every meat/seafood in the book smoked and grilled to perfection, a number of classic side dishes to accompany them, a diversified collection of dipping sauces, and BYOB, it ticks all the correct boxes. 

The Bake Cottage

A brilliant option for some fantastic cake-based desserts, The Bake Cottage is a home baker based in Nugegoda. We highly recommend their Creme De Leches - which includes three layers of absolute wonder. Creamiest chantilly on top, followed by a layer of gooey chocolate cream, and then, a perfectly fluffy, spongy, milk-soaked tres leches cake at the bottom.

Palmyrah (Hotel Renuka)

We were quite happy to revisit Palmyarah after all these years, and even happier when we walked out. Once again, they wowed us with some fantastic Sri Lankan and Indian-style dishes. Our favourites would be the Butter Chicken Masala, Isso Thel Daala and Dal Curry. 

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