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YAMU's Comment Policy

Last Updated: June 2016

YAMU does not tolerate any abuse directed at our team or anyone else on our page. 

If we find a comment offensive (based on the criteria below), we will take it down and ban you from our page immediately.

If a comment is abusive or threatening we will take it down, ban the person and keep records for our records and for reporting to relevant authorities.

Where We Draw The Line

We draw the line between personal insults and abuse.

  • Personal Insult: A personal insult is an attack on someone's character, appearance, etc. There's a level of this which is tolerable but unpleasant ("This writer is ignorant and ill-informed"). Then there's a level involving vulgarity and hateful, malicious speech. We draw the line at the point it makes our writers uncomfortable. That's it. Record/Delete/Ban/.
  • Abuse: What's well beyond that is abuse, attacking anyone for their gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, accent, whatever. Basically, anything that bullies, threatens violence or incites hate. None of this will be tolerated. Record/Delete/Ban.
  • Threats: Any threat towards our team will be recorded and we will file police reports. Record/Delete/Ban/Report.

What YAMU Will Do

We will liberally delete and ban offensive comments from our website, Facebook page or any channel we control. We screenshot and record names of all offending comments and in cases of abuse, we will take this information to lawyers and the police, in whatever country the offender originates.