From 1 - 30 November 2016

  • Convert any insurance payment to 0% installment plan up to 12 months.

Offer valid for all HSBC Credit Cardholders


Terms and Conditions

  • The Offer is applicable to all HSBC Credit Cardholders on locally issued credit cards (excluding corporate credit cards of HSBC) (“Cardholders”) only.
  • Any transaction done at an Insurance merchant mentioned in the list, using the HSBC Credit Card (“Card”) can be converted to up to a 12 month 0% installment plan within 30 days from the transaction purchase date.
  • Transactions within LKR 50,000 to LKR 400,000 are valid for the 0% Card installment payment plan.
  • The Offer is valid for transactions done within the promotion period of 1 to 30 November 2016 (both days inclusive)
  • Cardholders must call on 4 4 72211 and request for the installment plan after completing the payment in order to convert to a up to 12 months 0% Card instalment plan.
  • The minimum payment due on the Card shall consist of a combination of the monthly Instalment of the Card Balance conversion plan and 4% of the outstanding balance due on the Card. Non-payment of the minimum amount shall result in the standard charges being levied to the respective Card account. The corresponding total amount equivalent to the 0% instalment plan for up to 12 months shall be blocked from the Card limit.
  • The transaction will be payable by the Cardholders during an up to 12 month instalment period at 0% interest.
  • The HSBC Rewards will be awarded for the total transaction value.
  • In case the Cardholder wishes to settle the 0% installment plan before the due period, the Cardholder should inform HSBC in writing of his/her intention to close the 0% instalment plan for 12 months on the Card account. In such event of an early settlement, a 4% of early settlement fee shall be applicable from the remaining capital outstanding amount.
  • The Offer cannot be exchanged for cash and/or used in conjunction with any other promotional programs or offers provided by the service establishments involved in this Offer.
  • HSBC reserves the right to withdraw, modify or change all or any of the rules, terms and conditions applicable to this Offer at any given time without prior notice to Cardholders.
  • HSBC shall accept no liability or responsibility to the Cardholders for the quality of goods and/or services provided by the merchants limited or any loss, damage or injury that maybe caused to the Cardholders or companion by the commission of or omission of any act of any merchants listed here.
  • The General HSBC Credit Card terms and conditions of HSBC shall apply on this Offer. If any dispute arises regarding any of the terms and conditions contained herein, the decision of HSBC shall be final.
  • These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Sri Lanka and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Sri Lanka.Jewellery & Wrist Watches

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