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7 Weekend Recommendations (July 20th)

A few places to check out this weekend.

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Stay home and order in, go out for some drinks or want to enjoy a healthy lunch? We got you covered.

M'eat US
Parliament Road, Pellawatte, Battaramulla

This is a great place for all you meat lovers. Their Ribs Platter (Rs. 2700) is the one to choose. It comes with a pork rack, two chicken legs, and two chicken garlic sausages. That’s one pretty big rack we got there! The meat is always prepared perfectly, it is succulent and massive enough to share satisfyingly amongst two people and well worth the price. 

Generously glazed with sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, their pork rack has a slightly charred flavour from being taken off the grill. The BBQ chicken legs have that instant tangy kick which comes from the BBQ sauce stuck on the meat, and a smokey, mesquite type of flavour, which gets even better with the crunchy bits of charcoal on top. Even the garlic sausages are well marinated, and the garlic flavour nicely emerges through its soft texture. 

M'eat US is handled by some of the nicest people you'll ever meet, they're very attentive and accommodating with genuine friendliness and smiles all around. The restaurant itself is small but spacious enough to accommodate around 20 people at a time.

No. 31/B, Dakshinarama Road, Mount Lavinia.

Stay home and enjoy some healthy salads this weekend! You can place your orders via the Saladgram website or call at 076 670 0035. Their website is very user-friendly, informative, and we recommend using it, because it's very convinient and easy. 

You can try the Mamma Mia (Rs. 350) which is a chicken salad, which comes with the base and dressing of your choice. There is a sufficient amount of thinly sliced chicken with at least 1/2 cup of white rice along with lots of carrots, tomatoes, croutons, and a little bit of cheese. The veggies are fresh, the chicken is well cooked with very little flavouring and that hot and spicy sauce, so mamma mia indeed! All of their dressings are homemade which add so much flavour to the dish.

They're very thorough with their process, calling to confirm our order, especially if you're a new customer. We highly recommend you try them out.

11 Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 07 00700

Tacocat offers Tex-Mex that is specifically designed to be healthy, while also delivering a wholesome punch to your taste buds. We suggest you get the tacos since you get three for Rs. 999, and you can try various different combos.

The chicken is our favourite here, it has some neat flavours working in there and really spicy, not a full-frontal attack kind of spicy, more like a flank assault in which the chilies are crowding onto your tastebuds along with a host of companion flavours that dilute it. As for the veggies, the pickled cabbage is the star, and you also can find corriander and pineapple. How they react with everything else in your mouth as you eat, puts our fledgling food-vocabulary to shame. 

Tacocat basically occupies the garden and outdoor seating area of Black Cat Cafe. You can have a nice quiet, green space to enjoy your food and a nice chat with friends in. 

The Cabinet (Hotel Nippon)
123, Kumaran Ratnam Rd, Colombo 02

Well-known for their legendary mutton rolls, delicious chicken lamprais and reasonably priced cocktails and bites, The Cabinet at Hotel Nippon is the ideal place to enjoy some drinks with your peeps over the weekend. Their Margarita (Rs. 635.44), is our favourite, involving the usual margarita mix, a generous amount of Tequila and garnished with a lime twist. It has all the elements of a good margarita in the right balance.

In terms of bites, go for the Pepper Pork (Rs. 522.75) which is excellent! It is piping hot and has an incredible flavour. The meat is cooked to perfection with a firm rind, and one of two fat bits that melts in your mouth. Seasoned with black pepper, crunchy green chilies and onions, this is a very generous portion of pork. 

Their service was pretty decent as well. The staff was polite, attentive and helpful. In terms of the ambiance, it has a strong retro-themed vibe going on, with wooden furniture and vintage posters hanging on the wall.

427 Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 00500

Kurumba is a juice bar with great, fresh fruit served in innovative ways, and at highly competitive prices. They've got fruit bowls as well as smoothies and juices, and in fact, you can make your own fruit bowls (Rs.450) here. 

We went with an Alfonso mango base for our fruit bowl which had a lovely, smooth texture, kind of like yogurt. The watermelon and pineapple were topped with orange, grapes and passion fruit, as well as a generous sprinkling of granola on top. You can combine it with The Valley Girl (Rs. 220) which contains fresh pineapple, narang, and kurumba.

In terms of the ambiance, it is a spacious, airy environment that welcomes you inside with a minimalist aesthetic that is clearly designed to give you strong beach vibes. The service is helpful, quick and efficient.

Golden Palace (Hotel Sapphire)
Hotel Sapphire, 371, Galle Road, Wellawatta, Colombo 06

Unbeknownst to many, Hotel Sapphire is actually home to a really good Chinese Restaurant, the Golden Palace. We recommend you try the Seafood Vermicelli Noodles (Rs. 740) which comes full of cuttlefish bits, shrimps, and cubes of fish. You get an adequate amount of seafood with every bite. The noodles are spiced lightly which allows for more flavour to pass through from all other elements, and the few sprinklings of leek bits here and there make for a nice crunch.

To go with the noodles, you can also try the Sweet and Sour Crispy Pork (Rs. 620). It is served with a colorful assortment of vegetables and large slices of pineapple here and there. The pork itself has an excellent crisp to it, and it's juicy, with only one or two fatty bits. The sauce it is served in is every bit as sweet and sour as it is promised.

Their waiters are smart chaps who displays such interest in taking your orders. The ambiance is like it’s set out of an early 90s movie and seems like it’s been frozen in time since then. It has walls and curtains that are in a deep shade of maroon and the furniture is scuffed and scratched, which only adds more character. 

Simply Strawberries By Jagro (Kotte)
No. 61, Ethul Kotte, Kotte.

Get your sweet tooth cravings at the good old Jagro this weekend, with their Waffle With Berries And Cream (Rs. 550). The giant waffle is excellent with a great crunchy texture at the edges. As usual, it's topped with a ridiculous amount of strawberries, fresh cream and your pick of either strawberry or chocolate sauce. It gets messy with the cream and sauce and you will love it.

You can also try the Chocolate Sandwich (Rs. 650) which is gooey in the middle and very chocolatey. The abundance of cream, chocolate sauce, and the strawberries adding with that big chunky cake slice makes up for a very filling dessert. Their service is very friendly and they're attentive to what you order that you hardly have to repeat yourself. It's a great place to unwind and satisfy those sweet tooth cravings.

There you have it. Happy weekending! 

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