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7 Weekend Recommendations (July 27th)

Some places you can check out during the long weekend.

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It's almost the end of another month and the long weekend is here. Try out these places.

Café by Boo
No 23, Sri Soratha Mawatha, Gangodawila, Nugegoda.

It's a gem on Sri Soratha Mawatha among your normal street joints, serving one of the best cheese kottu. Go for the Cheese Chicken Kottu (Rs. 500) which is easily enough for two people, the Kottu itself filled with cheesy goodness, a generous portion of crispy chicken slices, a side of fried pol sambol (yes you read it right) and coleslaw. It tastes just as good as it looks, maybe even more. The Kottu is incredibly creamy and moist as it is boiled with milk. While the chicken is tender and cooked well with a crispy coating, the pol sambol is a great addition, spiking up the flavours and giving the dish a tinge of sweetness. Their service is quick and efficient, and the place itself is enough to accomodate around 12 - 15 customers at a time.

Plus Nine Four
No. 35, D S Fonseka Road, Colombo 5.

Plus Nine Four is an amazing cafe that offers a range of healthy food and drinks which you can enjoy sitting under the shade. We loved the Wholegrain Sourdough (Rs. 700) with mushroom garlic toast, onion garlic jam, and basil. The sourdough is fresh, crunchy and flavourful. While the seeni sambol (onion garlic jam) on top is sweet and slightly spicy, the mushrooms are simply cooked without any strong flavours which leaves the seeni sambol to be the highlight of the dish. Everything blends together effortlessly, plus it's healthy. To go with the food, try The Matcha Latte (Rs. 600) which is creamy, thick, and refreshing. Their service is outstanding, the waitstaff is very friendly, chirpy and well-versed. There's not a lot of space inside, but they have a great al fresco situation going on with wooden chairs and tables neatly arranged under the shade. 

Café La Défense
125, Park Road, Colombo 05

Drop in for some excellent Chicken Sandwich (Rs. 450) which is quite large and is served with a fair amount of chips on the side. The chicken filling is one of the tastiest things we have had in any cafe recently. While the chicken to cheese ratio is on point, the chicken itself is very crispy, and very delicious. The quantity of the filling is just right so you don't have to worry about making a mess. Everything is freshly prepared, so it's indeed a treat. The place is cosy, with dim lighting and warm accents. Their service is quite alright too.

Alhambra (Ramada)
Ground Floor, No. 30, Sir Mohamed Macan Markar Mawatha, Colombo 3

We highly recommend The Kashmiri Naan (Rs. 250) which comes with a filling of sweet cashews and cherry bits. The bread is aromatic, crispy and delicious and the chopped cherry bits enhances the taste giving it a slightly sweet and savory flavor. This is a real winner because at Rs. 250 you're getting three big slices. You should also try the Awadhi Ki Biriyani with Chicken (Rs. 950). The rice is fragrant, excellently prepared, served with toasted raisins and cashews. It has some juicy chicken in the fall-off-the-bone tender condition. It is a very simple biriyani with a complicated mix of spices and at Rs. 950 it's worth every penny. Their service depends on the kind of waiter you will be stuck with because we have experienced the good and the bad. The interior is very pretty but it is overly saturated with yellow lighting. They have some interesting paintings up on the walls and the ambiance is much better in the evenings.

The Cricket Club Cafe
12, Flower Road, Colombo 07

We generally enjoy our time at CCC, as do many. If this is your first time, you should definitely try Dilhara's Drover pie (Rs. 995) which is a lamb pie with a puff pastry served with fries. It is really all about the lamb filling which tastes good with well-cooked strips of lamb, a thick gravy and good balance of spices. The puff pastry is baked golden brown with a nice crunch and you can also get mash on top as well. However, if you're in with a crowd we recommend the Corned Chili Beef Nachos (Rs. 1195). The portion is massive. Slathered with a superb amount of cheese, guacamole and plenty of well-spiced beef, the quality here is undeniable. In terms of service, getting their attention can still take some time during busy periods. There's an open-air courtyard bar area which and plenty of a/c rooms throughout the area when the afternoon heat is too hot to bear.

Frosty Roll
581, Galle Rd, Colombo 06

Frosty Roll is another rolled ice-cream place located inside the brand new Pearl of Asia Mall next to Excel World. They've got a pretty extensive variety of flavours and combinations. We recommend the Strawberry Blast (Rs. 450) which is a strawberry ice-cream made with frozen strawberries, strawberry syrup and topped with whipped cream, strawberry wafers, and a strawberry. The strawberry flavour really comes through and the ice-cream itself is creamy and rich. Their service is a little slow but it's worth the wait. The place is quite small, and seats around 12 people maximum. The design sensibility as a whole is very Pinterest but still sunny and bright. The tables are decorated with mini vases and flower pots full of artificial flowers.

Cookie Bar
Delivery Only

Cookie Bar is a personal favorite of mine. It is a home-based business that does soft gooey cookies as well as more creative items with good prices and reliable delivery. We recommend you get one of their assorted pack (Rs. 750), which comes with 2 Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies, 2 Crinkles, 2 Brookie Cups and 2 Triple Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie. Except for the crinkles, everything else is delicious! The cookies are soft, crunchy and gooey in the middle (especially the Nutella). They also have some phenomenal Peanut Butter stuffed Cookies as well as Red Velvet Cookies, which you can order separately. Their pick up point is No. 17A, Glen Aber Place, Colombo 04. If not, you can call them up or send a message on FB or Instagram 24 hours earlier and place your order. The ordering process is smooth and they're very responsive. 

There you have it. Hope you enjoy!

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