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7 Weekend Recommendations (July 6th)

Check out these places.

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Another weekend for you to go out and enjoy some of the best food Colombo has to offer.

Romano Italian Kitchen
484, Kotte Road, Pitakotte, Jayewardenepura Kotte.

Weekends are for pizza nights. Romano serves authentic Italian wood-fired pizza, as well as other Italian dishes like spaghetti, ravioli, and risotto, but stick to the pizza. Their Pizza Quattro Formaggio (Rs. 1400) is a close second to Giovanni's which comes with enough melted cheese to fill you up after about 2 slices. The succulent crispy thin crust also adds an extra crunch to it. You can also try the Bismarck (Rs. 1500) which is a rich and filling pizza, generously topped with well-cooked bacon, roasted veggies, tomato, mushroom, mozzarella with an egg sunny-side up. While the place itself is cosy and comfortable, their service is really attentive and accommodating.

Let's Taco
33 A, Dr Lester James Peiris Mawatha, Colombo 05.

Let's Taco is a lot more expensive than Taco Bell, but if you want some real tacos and not cabbage filled one, this is definitely the place. The Spicy Chicken Taco (Rs. 1150) is the best choice. With a soft shell, the two large corn flour tacos are stuffed to the brim with large chunks of well-spiced chicken, salad, and dressing, accompanied by another side of salad made with guacamole, nachos, and spicy dipping salsa. It's a big portion with lots of flavors. You should also try the Churro Cup (Rs. 525) which was one of our favorites. I would not recommend their enchiladas, specifically because they taste very bland, and the tortilla wraps are sometimes half-cooked. In terms of ambiance, from the artwork and murals to the music, the attention to detail is clearly a labor of love. The service is generally excellent, with every staff member being extremely polite, friendly, and willing to answer all our questions.

Momo's by Ruvi
43/1D, Majestic Avenue, Bambalapitiya

At Momo's, we recommend you try The Meat Fiesta (Rs. 1250) which features two meat options (go for the chicken and prawn). This includes 12 momos prepared in three ways (steamed, shallow and wok-fried), and two bowls of clear soup. The wok-fried option comes tossed in sambol sauce and a little dish of soy-chili sauce, the latter a personal favorite. The momos are generously stuffed with their respective meats, which are also strongly flavored with herbs. The prawn momos are simply the best! The restaurant can accommodate about 15 to 20 diners max at a time, and their service is welcoming and discreet. It's not a fancy place, and they don't try to be. They serve momos, and they serve it well.


9, Station Road, Colombo 4

Bored to cook on the weekends? We've got you covered. Mythi's does some amazing rice and curry that you can easily take away for lunch. You can choose from a rice and curry, with either red or white rice, and a choice of chicken (Rs. 240), vegetable (Rs. 160), fish (Rs. 240), or beef (Rs.280). They were known for best black pork curry in Colombo, but sadly they do not make that delicacy anymore. The rest of the curries mostly consists of dhal, pol sambol, beans, kekiri, papadam, dried chillies and/or a little piece of karawala. It's a small streetside restaurant, so the space is pretty packed during the lunch hours, therefore you probably should just get take out. Service is generally just one person behind the counter, and it doesn't take more than a minute or two to get served, pay, and be on your way.

We Ai Family
Union Place, Colombo 2.

This is the ideal place to drop by for lunch if you're around Union Place. You should try the Seafood Noodles (Rs. 900) which is as big as it can get. It's a gigantic bowl of soup with perfectly cooked noodles which has a thick consistency and full of flavour. There are about half a dozen jumbo prawns mixed in with bits of cuttlefish. They also have an excellent Apple Juice (Rs. 400) you should not miss! It is refreshing, delicious and slides down the throat cooling everything down. They use fresh fruits as opposed to cordial and syrup which we normally get so that natural sweetness is just right. Their service is efficient and friendly, and the place itself is spacious and the minimalistic decor and the comfy wooden seatings remind you of a street cafe in China.

Isle of Gelato (Caramel Pumpkin)
No. 38, Ward Place, Colombo 7.

Oh, the Gelato Queen! Isle of Gelato is my weakness. I have loved almost all their flavors. All of their gelatos are made from scratch, using 100% raw ingredients and they don't use any artificial flavoring or coloring. Their best ones are Pistachio, Coco for Coffee and Cake so Cheesy. All of these are so creamy, delicious and heavenly. They have a range of amazing sorbets like Mangosteen (which is by the best I have had), strawberry, mango etc. as well as Ice Cream Sandwiches (Rs. 595), which are out of this world! From the butter cookie to the ice cream filling, it's everything you would want in a sweet dessert. The sandwiches are available only from Thursday to Sunday.

Sits Cakes & Desserts
No 2, Elibank Road, Colombo 05

Screw Vishvi for getting me hooked on these! Now every time I try a cupcake, it will never be as satisfying as Sits. Especially the Nutella Cupcake (Rs. 200) that melts in your mouth, to the point where you can just eat it with your lips. The Nutella is lightly coated on top with a base that is light, fluffy and chocolatey with very little sweetness that balances out the Nutella. They also have an excellent Red Velvet (Rs. 200) which is an incredibly creamy, succulent treat that's well worth price of 200 bucks. The frosting is a thick cream cheese mixture with again a fluffy, airy base. While the staff (or more like the sweet ladies) is friendly and quick on their feet, the place itself is a beautiful two-story house with a bakery. It's simple, cute and very pleasing with a pink and white theme going around. They don't have a space for seating so it's better to just take away your orders. Everything is on display except for the cakes which you have to pre-order.

There you go. Have a good one folks! Stay safe.

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