BBQ Spots In Colombo

Where dem meats at.

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The Tainos, a Caribbean Indian tribe, are responsible for the creation of the word barbecue; the origins however, goes back to the days of the Homo erectus. 

Often we're hit by that craving for some juicy, succulent meat, and since of late, you've got BBQ spots opening left, right and centre. So what might be the best spots to go to?

Here's a compilation of the BBQ places that we loved!

BBQ Station
65/3A Bernard Soysa Mawatha, Colombo 05

We loved our experience at BBQ Station. The quantity of food they give for the price they charge is great and the food itself is pretty top-notch. That, combined with how nice the ambience is and how efficient the service was, we're going to go out on a limb and say that if you're looking for a place to get your meat on, BBQ Station is a definite recommend on our part.  Covering the bases of greens, meat, carbs and even dipping sauces, this is what makes the platter at BBQ Station so great, and each component is prepared to perfection.  

Sam's Barbecue
No.327e Main Road, Attidiya Rd, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

Definitely an instant hit, Sam's Barbecue is a very chill place to grab a quick, meaty meal and one of the best things is the fact that the food here is comparatively cheap as well. Combined with an almost fairytale-like ambience, Sam's Barbecue sets the perfect atmosphere for a chilled out meal. Sam's Barbecue is also one of the few Halal BBQ places that can be found, and they certainly do a top-notch job. 

282 Avissawella Rd, Pannipitiya

As their name suggests, they are an excellent option to grab some meat to eat. With relishing food, and affordable prices, Masma is an absolute steal, and their grill is excellent. You can find an assortment of pork ribs, pork chops, bockwurst, sausages, fish, chicken legs and wings, and some garlic bread and salads in their roster. They have a few platter options and meal combos that can help out when you are dining in groups.

Daddy's Smokehouse
32, Wijayaba Mawatha, Nawala Road, Nugegoda.

With an ambience that looks like it is straight from a storybook, Daddy's Smokehouse does quality food at affordable rates as well. The food at here doesn't limit itself to just smoked meat. Instead, they also have the option of getting burgers, pasta, hoppers or even kottu apart from the meat they serve up. 

Fat Guy BBQ
12 Ferry Road, Piliyandala

If you want real pork products, Fat Guy BBQ does them. As long as you don't mind the smoky taste that comes with, well, smoking meat, it's a tasty and authentic choice. 

M'eat US
Parliament Road, Pellawatte, Battaramulla

M'eat US dishes out a great collection of western barbecue, including chicken, pork chops, pork racks, pork sticks and even sausages. They’ve got meat platters, which is a pretty good option if you’re dining as a group. Their food is offered at decent prices and they also allow BYOB. 

Grill Kitchen
363, 10 Battaramulla - Pannipitiya Rd, Ruhunupura

The menu at Grill Kitchen comprises of a range of meats including pork, chicken and lamb all coming in with a bunch of options from shawarma to biriyani to burgers to pita bread. The food albeit a tad on the peppery side was cooked quite well and considering how the ambience is great and the prices are pretty good too, it's worth looking out for. 

Smokies Barbecue
New Galle Road, Moratuwa

Smokies barbecues a variety of meats - chicken, beef, pork, sausages and also mutton. All of them are freshly made to order, therefore it would take around good 20 - 30 minutes of your time, which is quite understandable. If you're in a rush, we suggest that you call ahead, place the order in advance and then collect it. Going all the way to Moratuwa for some BBQ might sound like a lot of work, but for Smokies, it's definitely worth it. From what we gathered, now they've got a branch in Mount Lavinia too. 

David's Dangerously Delicious Char Siu
27/5, Rosmead Place Colombo 7

Chinese BBQ. Savoury pork and chicken. What else do we need to say? They do both chicken and pork BBQ in two styles - Original and Chilli, and you can pair it with a rice bowl, or have it stuffed inside a submarine. David's Dangerously Delicious Char Siu certainly lives up to the name. They now also have an outlet at One Galle Face

Nana's (Galle Face)
Galle Face Drive, Colombo 3

Nana's is well known as the place to grab a bite at when you're at Galle Face Green. The Nana tents are easy to spot on the Galle Face rampart. You'll find people relaxing here on the plastic chairs and enjoying a good plate of kottu or barbecued seafood all the way up to about 1 in the morning. 

The Wood Shack
152 Stanley Tilakaratne Mawatha, Nugegoda

Colombo has a whole load of places to get your fill of meat and our experience at Meatwood Shack proves that it's a worthy opponent for the next time you go looking for some great goodness to kick off your night. Whether it be Superman, Robert Di Niro or even Casablanca, the entire restaurant's ambience is curated to make it look like it's from old Hollywood. The slightly warm-toned lighting to the rustic furniture to even the menu is made to make you feel like you've gone back in time to when Marlon Brando still wore a mouthpiece on the set of The Godfather and we absolutely loved it. 

New York Grill and Cuisine
No. 10, Saranankara Road, Pamankada, Dehiwala

Scanning through their menu, it’s apparent that they lean towards the greasy, meaty stuff. You can find finger foods, grilled stuff, burgers, and mains like fajitas and brisket, as well as salads, fried rice and wraps here. The food is of good quality and with a bit of a tweak here and there, they can do even better. Prices are not the cheapest but we didn’t feel like we got robbed either. So, if you want to enjoy a good steak or a meal to fill you up, this is a place to drop by.

Peri Peri Kukula
75 Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 5

We love the simplicity of the menu here at Peri Peri Kukula; just choose the size of your chicken and how spicy you want your sauce and you are good to go. There are up to 6 sides and a few outliers like the Chicken and Pulled Jack Burgers. 

Grill House
Alisandri Appuhami Mawatha, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

An arsenal of deliciously prepared meat dishes, Grill House in Malabe is dedicated to serving nothing but the best.  All their meat dishes are prepared to perfection, and it works towards filling the void of having a top-notch BBQ place in the Malabe vicinity. 

Diego's Peri Peri
403, Nawala Rd, Rajagiriya

If you're looking for some succulent, delicious chicken, and not the fried-in-batter kind, Diego's Peri Peri is ideal. With hot sauces ranging all the way to "You-Crazy?" and carb bases of rice or burgers, it will not dissappoint. Prepare yourself for a great experience. 

Big Daddy's BBQ
424 Samagi Mawatha , Hokandara North, Hokandara

Aside from some wonderful pork chops, Big Daddy's whips up a killer crab curry, and it's worth all the trip to Hokandara. They do a solid chicken burger too, which is stacked with well-grilled chicken, lettuce, onions, tomato and pickles. 

BBQ Avenue
03, 19th Ln, Colombo 03

BBQ Avenue is the only place in Colombo where you can grill your own meats as they've got a super cool on-table char grill feature. You can pair up these meats with some Indian style treats, including biriyani, rotis and curries. 

Barcode Grill & Lounge is another spot that has built itself a reputation for having some solid BBQ dishes and we're excited to check it out in the near future.

Well, that's our picks so far! Let us know if you have any more places that we can add to the list in the comments below.