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Fast Food

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Fazly's Halal Refreshment
1, Vellons Passage, Colombo 2

So they're famous for being the King of Street burgers and while I never really understood what the hype was I decided to go check them out anyways. Word on the street is that they've got big fat meaty patties, although I heard that the patties have now reduced in size.

Burgers Hut
Allen Avenue, Dehiwala (Opposite Nawalanka Food City)

The Burgers Hut menu is basically Burger's King in Dehiwala. They now also offer fried chicken in the form of drumlets, wings and nuggets. Note that a majority of their burger options are chicken-based. All their burgers are priced under Rs. 350, which is great value for money since they're all pretty sizeable and come with a side of fries.

The Sugar Burger Cart
41 1/2 Maitland Cresent, Colombo 7

Heavily smothered with a secret brown sauce and sandwiched in with crispy onions, mustard and mayo, this is a satisfying, tasty meal that you certainly don't need to be drunk to enjoy. If you're looking for a late night snack or a post-party pick up, this is a good spot to swing by.

McDonald's Delivery (McDelivery)

We got a double cheeseburger meal (Rs. 620) and a chicken McSpicy (Rs. 400). Both arrived intact with no spillage. They also send two sachets of chilli and garlic sauce. The fries that came with the meal were slightly soggy but we were somewhat expecting that.

Dinemore (Kohuwala)
Kohuwala, Nugegoda

Dinemore does the whole range of fast food stuff – burgers, submarines, sandwiches, shawarmas, pizzas and apparently they’ve even started doing a fried rice and biriyani (I’ll stick to my submarine thank you very much). 

Burger King (Mount Lavinia)
212 Galle Road, Mount Lavinia

The Sri Lankan Burger King has the basic BK menu. No bacon, so we presume the place is halal, though that really is a bit of a loss. The only thing we can't place is the BBQ Turkey Strips Burger (No. 3, Rs. 570 for the meal), haven't seen that anywhere. We'll actually go ahead and list the main menu here, it's short. Prices are all for the meals, including fries and Pepsi.

  1. Whopper (Rs. 590)
  2. Whopper Jr. (Rs. 490)
  3. BBQ Turkey Strips Burger (Rs. 570)
  4. Grilled Chicken Burger (Rs. 590)
  5. Chicken Royale (Rs. 590)
  6. Veggie Burger (Rs. 520)
  7. Fish N Chips (Rs. 520)

Pizza Hut
No.101 Galle Road, Dehiwela.

They've got a good selection of pizzas with most of the seafood and meats, apart from pork based products. 

32, Kinross Avenue, Marine Drive, Colombo 6.

The Spicy Burger (Rs. 320) is quite a fascinating concept that makes Burger's King(/Hut) seem quite generic. With a chicken patty that tastes a lot like a Lankan omelette, there's lots of tang and amu miris flavour going on here.

Street Meet
Galle Road, Colpetty

We picked a Chicken Cordon Bleu (Rs. 300) based on the manager's recommendation, along with a Beef Burger (Rs. 220) and a Seafood Kottu which accidentally morphed into a Mixed Kottu (Rs. 500) by the time it reached us.

Grill Corner (First Look)
31A, Marine Drive, Colombo 06

Our order of Chillie Chicken Shawarma (Rs 320) and Tandoori Grill (Rs 440) didn’t take long. So, they are quite fast, or it was probably because my friend and I were the only ones there at 3 in the afternoon.

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