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Are you craving some good appas? Here are our top picks for Hoppers.

Taprobane (Cinnamon Grand)
Cinnamon Grand, Galle Road, Colombo 3

Taprobane at Cinnamon Grand offers one of the best buffets in Colombo, and while certain elements have room for improvement, they offer the best selection overall with well executed dishes.

FLOW (Hilton Colombo Residences)
200, Union Place, Colombo 2

They offer a range of cuisines - Sri Lankan, Indian, Chinese and Japanese. They're well-know for their massive buffet, which features a whole bunch of action stations, obviously include the good old hopper. 

VOC Cafe (Dutch Burgher Union)
114 Reid Avenue Colombo 4

The DBU is a calm, balmy place removed from the stress and traffic of everyday Colombo.

Taste of Asia
324, Galle Road, Colombo 04

Taste of Asia is a popular favourite in Bamba, for Indian food, hoppers, kottu, and good Jaffna cuisine. (They're also at World Trade Center, but that branch functions only half-day on weekends.) 

Mithuro Cafe
9, R. A De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 04

There aren't too many places to eat on Duplication Road (around where our office is at least). Thankfully, Mithuro Cafe exists and does a pretty good rice and curry. What we love about the place though is its understated, yet beautiful outdoor area. They've also got short eats, kottu in the evening, and fresh fruit juice for super cheap.

Palmyrah (Hotel Renuka)
328, Hotel Renuka, Galle Road, Colombo 3

Palmyrah at Hotel Renuka has been around for ages and has been known for their good Sri Lankan food and Jaffna dishes. We revisited the place and it's actually upped its game over the years - the place is comfier and cooler, the service was excellent, and the food comes very well presented. They're a go-to spot for good hoppers.

Curry Leaf (Hilton)
2, Hilton Colombo Hotel, Fort, Colombo 1

Curry Leaf is the Hilton's Sri Lankan restaurant, and they do an amazing spread of fresh seafood and local cuisine. They only have a buffet, from 7PM onwards, and there's a surprisingly large, high quality selection to pick from.

65 CWW Kannangara Mawatha (Town Hall), Colombo 7

Upali's is basically the go-to Lankan food spot in central Colombo. They do a solid variety of Sri Lankan food, in pretty nice settings. You might want to make a reservation ahead of time though.

Cafe On The 5th
108 5th Lane, Colombo 3

Cafe On The 5th is a satisfying Colombo classic for everything from short eats to rice and curry to Mongolian BBQ to hoppers. This place has been around for ever and it's shaded garden is a nice place to chill. As the sign says, however, beware of crows.

Green Cabin
453 Galle Road, Kollupitiya, Colombo 3

Green Cabin is one of those restaurants that has been around for the longest time. Apart from hoppers, they also do a solid rice & curry buffet on Sundays.

The Canteen
Independence Walk, Colombo 7

 It's basically a bath/aappa kadey, except with a nice green outdoorsy space. It's good spot for a post-jog hopper fix.

Kaema Sutra (Shangri-La Colombo)
Shangri-La Hotel, 1 Galle Face, Colombo 2

Probably the most controversial hoppers on this list, these are priced at Rs. 100 for a regular hopper and Rs. 200 for the (double) egg hopper. They are pricey, without a doubt, but also much larger than the standard hopper at around 8''. With a well-seasoned and slightly crispy crust and a soft centre, we couldn't really find much fault with them when it came to taste. And if it's 8'', why not throw in an extra egg, right?

If you're looking for a cool hopper infographic and more in-depth analysis, also check out our old 10 Hoppers in Colombo post

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