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Fresh seafood is the best part about living on an island. There are plenty of places that do good seafood in…

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Fresh seafood is the best part about living on an island. There are plenty of places that do good seafood in Colombo, whether crab, sushi or our beloved hot butter cuttlefish, but these places are our favourites.

Nihonbashi Honten
11 Galle Face Terrace, Colombo 3

Nihonbashi is one of Colombo's most famous restaurants - they serve the best sushi in the city, fact. The tekka maki (tuna sushi) (Rs. 480 - six pcs), salmon (Rs. 200), prawn nigiri (Rs. 180) and gyuu no tataki temar (Rs. 180) - all good. It all comes down to putting the best ingredients together. The tuna in particular is really, really good - apparently they get the export quality stuff before it goes to Japan.

41/2 Wasala Road, Dehiwala

Barracuda has grown into one of the best beach side hangouts in Colombo. They do a good take on Sri Lankan Chinese, and their hot butter cuttlefish is one of the best around (Rs. 980 for L). This one is as good as it gets with a light, flavoursome and crunchy batter on top of perfectly cooked cuttlefish.

Ministry Of Crab (Dutch Hospital)
Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct, Colombo 1

Ministry of Crab is a high-end restaurant on Dutch Hospital premises, and - like Nihonbashi - is run by chef Darshana Munidasa. It specializes in crab cuisine and the food is just plain mouth-watering. The crab meat we tried was succulent and the spicy sweet gravy of the chilli crab dish, especially, was flawless (this one is a must-try). 9/10 for quality in this department. MoC, however, is merciless on the wallet - about Rs. 7K per head.

The Station
1/41 Wasala Road, Dehiwala

The Station is in the same neighborhood as Barracuda and they've got something in common - good hot butter cuttlefish. While mostly everything we tried here was very good, the highlight of our meals was the HBC (Rs. 600). The Station's rendition made it into our top 5 HBC list list; the crispy golden fried batter has a great balance of seasoning and spice along with well cooked cuttlefish with just the right texture, perfectly suited for the local palate.

The Beach Wadiya
2 Station Road, Wellawatte

The Beach Wadiya is a very popular beach side hangout. Of the stuff we've tried, the hot butter cuttlefish (Rs. 575) was by far the best dish. Unlike most other spots, they fry the cuttlefish in a thin bread crumb batter which was a great change up from the contemporaries. We've also heard great things about their baked crab.

If there's any of your favourite seafood places that we've missed, do drop us a line in the comments below.

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&Pepper Seafood Lounge at One Galle Face is pretty good too. They have seafood market inside the restaurant.