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Some of the best sushi spots in town.

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For a relatively small city, Colombo's sushi scene is pretty vibrant. It's not always cheap though, so you need to gauge your options before you head out for a quick maki. Here are our top picks for sushi in the city.

Nihonbashi Honten
11 Galle Face Terrace, Colombo 3

Being ranked amongst Asia’s 50 Best restaurants is no small feat, and this isn’t the first time Nihonbashi’s been up there. Their food is brilliant overall, but it’s their sushi that’s at the very core of their success, with their ODEL branch being one of Colombo’s most popular spots for quick sushi.

YUMI (Taj Samudra)
Taj Samudra, 25 Galle Face Center Rd, Colombo 3

YUMI at Taj has pleasantly surprised us time and time again with their take on specialized sushi. Their combination spicy maki is of the best sushi dishes in town with salmon, tuna and crab meat in one beautiful rice roll. We also love the Ambience at YUMI which strays from the traditional look, instead opting for a more modern orange-black theme.

Tsukiji Uoichi
Arcade Independence Square, Clock Tower 1st Floor, Independence Square, Colombo 7

Over a year since first opening its doors Tsukiji Uoichi is still going strong. They've got one of the most impressive Japanese menus in Colombo and their execution is excellent, particularly when it comes to their sushi. Their prices are on the higher end but their nigiri is textbook stuff that's well worth trying.

Zen (Zylan Boutique Hotel)
115, Rosmead Place, Colombo 7

Located quite conveniently on Rosmead Place, Zen is one of the newest sushi spots in the city. They manage to achieve a balance of price to quality that is quite rare when it comes to Japanese restaurants in Colombo. Their location is private, it’s BYOB and their sushi is surprisingly affordable and well executed.

Ginza On The Edge (Waters Edge)
316, Ethul Kotte Road, Battaramulla

Ginza at Waters Edge is best known for its teppan prowess, but it’s no slouch at sushi either. We came away quite impressed on our most recent visit after trying their signature spicy tuna maki, which is perfect for locals. It’s one of the hottest sushi dishes we’ve tried but we loved it just for that.

Ikoi Tei (Dutch Hospital)
Dutch Hospital Shopping Precint,Colombo 01

The Hilton's authentic yet casual revamp of the Dutch Hospital’s Work in Progress, Ikoi Tei is an interesting addition to the Colombo dining scene. It’s a more modern take on Japanese food, but they do sushi quite well with more ambitious combos that’s always great to see.

Cafe Japan
25, Borella Cross Road, Colombo 8

CJ is probably the most elusive Japanese Restaurant in Colombo. Run by a Japanese mother and daughter, Cafe Japan offers great value for money. We’ve tried their sushi bento and platter, both of which were excellent for the price point. The key is actually finding the place, which you can read about in the review.

14, Narahenpita Road, Nawala

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, Naniyori’s special bento is the best sushi deal in town. It’s not always the highest quality sushi around but 15 of them for under Rs. 1200 is just unbeatable. N’uff said.

If you'd love to eat more Japanese food but just don't know how, check out our dos and don'ts video with Nihonbashi's Dharshan Munidasa. Douzo meshiagare!

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I don't think you guys should comment on the pricing with your personal opinion… just add $ or $$/ $$$ so readers get the idea. :P



no Kami Maki? I have dreams about their sushi here in UK…!



I'm really picky about my sushi.

Nihonbashi is the best. Their wasabi is not so great though.

YUMI's cuts of fish are way too chunky and unbalanced for me.

Cafe Japan is so hard to nail down. They're closed half the time. A friend of mine who is also a huge sushi fan will attest that their sushi is on point, possibly even on par with Nihonbashi.

Naniyori's sushi isn't the best but they have the best wasabi I have tasted in Colombo.

I'm glad you didn't include Kami Maki. The last time I went there and had a sake don, I'm pretty sure the fish was defrosted because just rubbing over the fish with my chopsticks caused it to scrape off. It was mushy and had the consistency of paste. That was in January, I haven't been there since and don't plan to.