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3Brothers Italian Bistro

180, Park Road, Colombo 05

The pizza parlour that occupies the previous Off The Hook premises.

A sister restaurant to the ever so popular Bavarian German Restaurant, 3Brothers Italian Bistro is the newest Italian food hub in town. Occupying the same space that Off The Hook once stood, they whip up some superb pizzas that lean towards the Neapolitan style, and a few other Italian treats using imported, high-quality ingredients.
TL:DR: if a bottle of red/white or a boozy cocktail alongside a cheesy slice of pizza is what you've got in mind, this is just the spot. 


As of now, they serve an interesting range of pizza, pasta and Italian-style starters and desserts. From what we gathered, they're planning to introduce a bunch of new stuff to the menu in the upcoming weeks. 

Given that we had the option, we went with two half-n-half pizzas. The most expensive option out of the two is your price point. 

This one has Four Cheese and Margherita (Rs. 1820), riding side by side. Raised at the edges and thin at the centre, the crust here was simply brilliant. The edges were light, puffy, airy and not at all doughy while providing a satisfactory crunch at every bite. There were charred spots adorning the edges, which helped to enhance the flavours of the pie rather than overpowering it. 
The Margherita delivered the simple, yet sharp flavours that it's well-known for, mingling around the elements of Italian buffalo mozzarella, tomato, basil and olive oil. Our favourite out of the two, however, was the Four Cheese. Crafted with Gorgonzola, Parmesan, Mozzarella and Emmental, it was quite excellent. The slices of marinated grapes were a nice touch, which contributed a bit of fruity note to the overall flavour while balancing out the bold hints of gorgonzola in the best way possible. Sharing the same well-prepared crust, the upper half of this pizza is dedicated to the Spicy Italian Chorizo and Mozzarella, while the other half is loaded with homemade pork sausages, roast peppers, mozzarella and Grana Padano. Priced at Rs. 1890.
Both of the toppings were sublime; to the point that we can't pick a favourite out of the two. There was a thick blanket of cheese covering the entire pie and a generous amount of the promised meats embedded on top. 

The slices of chorizo in the Spicy Italian Chorizo half were of high quality. Beautifully dark red in colour, they were smoky with a mild spiciness running through. 

Well-grounded and infused with spices, the pork sausages were absolutely rich with flavour. Combined with the chunks of roast pepper, it's a spicy, meaty, cheesy treat. However, the layer of cheese here wasn't exactly well-stuck to the crust and tended to fall off of it. Nonetheless, it's a solid choice that you can go for; especially if you love pork as much as we do. 

3Brother's take on Homemade Gnocchi (Rs. 1100) was quite good too. The gnocchi itself was chewy, but a bit doughy for our liking, but the sauce made up for it. There was a lovely nutty undertone in the pesto supported by pine nuts, while the basil works its magic. Coupled with the grated parmesan and roast pine nuts, it had a fine flavour profile. 


3Brothers's drinks range is comprised of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones. On the latter side, there are juices and coffee, but if you're into the former, there are cocktails, wines and other spirits. A glass of wine is priced around Rs. 650 - 800, and you can get bottles of them too. 

Tart, but not overly so, the Amberella Juice (Rs. 350) was refreshing and light. It had just the right amount of sugar, easing up the tartness without making it too sweet. This was a boozed-up fruity delight; the Passion fruit Margarita (Rs. 900). Served in a salt-rimmed glass, it featured the usual elements - tequila, orange liqueur and passion fruit cordial in the correct balance. The sweet and sour notes were on point, while the booze counterpart adding that extra zing.  The Cafe Latte (Rs. 450) had room for improvement. Frothy and light, its caffeine punch was strong, but a tad burnt as well. 

Ambience & Service

The pizzas are made right in front of your eyes using this woodfired, clay oven. They'll happily accommodate you if you want a get a picture or two of how it's being made. The place itself is spacious, well lit up, and cosy. Ideal for pizza dates, events and group dinners. 

They've got shelves full of imported sweets and snacks that one would not usually come across in other candy/snack shops in town. Plus, they're not unreasonably priced either. This Morrisons The Best Cocoa 72% Dark Chocolate (100g) was priced only Rs. 920. 

In addition to that, you can purchase different kinds of cured meats and cheese here as well. 

Despite the heavy crowd they had on a Sunday, the service at 3Brothers was wonderful. The staff was helpful and friendly throughout the experience, and our food and drinks took no more than 20 minutes. 


It slightly leans on the expensive side of the spectrum but makes sure to give your money's worth. There are only a few places in Colombo that you can get well-executed Neapolitan style pizzas, and 3Brothers Italian Bistro lives up to the expectations. 

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180, Park Road, Colombo 05


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