No. 01 Schofield Pl, Colombo 00300

Acropol Restaurant which formerly resided on R.A De Mel Mawatha has moved to a new location on Galle Road, Colombo 03. If you're a fan of shawarmas it's worth a visit.

Galle Road is abundant with restaurants and Acropol happens to be one of the entities who have established for themselves a brand name due to their consistency through the ages.

The Food 

Unfortunately, we dropped by during lunch, and this was unfortunate because their shawarmas, which they're widely known for, was available only after six!

The Beef Fried Rice (Rs. 530) was fluffy and well prepared, but the dish as a whole was slightly bland. It lacked flavour, and the chilli paste and ketchup helped just slightly. The chunks of beef that adorned the rice were also slightly bland; while we got the taste of the beef, just boiled beef, we didn't really feel the flavour. The portion was quite filling though and had a mountain of rice to devour. 

In contrast to the rice, the Chilli Beef Submarine (Rs. 590) was on a whole other level. The bun was fresh and soft, while the filling was heavenly. Just enough spice to qualify as spicy and not too much that will make you go red and bellow for water, all the while your tongue lolling out, the filling consisted mostly of beef (which is simply marvellous!) with an assortment of veggies and mayonnaise in the mix. 

*Pictured above -  Lime Juice (left) and Avocado Shake (right)

The Lime Juice (Rs. 270) had a tinge, or more than a tinge, of mint which made the juice so flavoursome. Chilled to the perfect level, it's just what you want to have on a warm day. The Avocado Shake (Rs. 330) was thick, but it strangely lacked the avocado flavour. It tasted more like a milky concoction. 

Service and Ambience

The restaurant has a very cosy ambience and is quite spacious and pleasant. A few plants adorning the wall, a cool chandelier and a clock (that doesn't work anymore, unfortunately) adorns the premises. They also have an outdoor-ish section, with just the skylight.

The staff too were quite friendly and helpful, inconspicuously hovering around if needed. 


It's a chilled-out restaurant to have some good food, and be sure you catch them after 6 to get ahold of their shawarmas!


Shawarmas are available only after 6.00 PM so that's the time you wanna be there.
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Amongst the good restaurants lining the Galle Road.

Okay shawarmas and surprisingly good burgers.

Acropol Restaurant which formerly resided on R.A De Mel Mawatha has moved to a new location on Galle Road, Colombo 03. If you're a fan of shawarmas it's worth a visit.

Acropol is personally one of my favourite junk food hangouts in the city. This little restaurant is located on the left side at the start of Duplication Road (R A De Mel Mawatha). As you walk in you will usually find the chef seamlessly carving away at a cut of meat, it’s a good place to go if you’re craving a kebab or a shawarma.

ඇක්‍රෝපොල් එක සුපිරිම රෙස්ටෝරන්ට් එකක් නෙමෙයි. ඒ වුණාට සාමාන්‍යයට වඩා හොඳයි.

ඇක්‍රොපොල් කියන්නේ මගේ ප්‍රියතම ක්ෂණික ආහාරහල්වලින් එකක්. ඒ පුංචි කඩය පිහිටා තිබෙන්නේ ඩුප්ලිකේෂන් රෝඩ් හෙවත් ආර්. ඒ. ද මැල් මාවත ආරම්භ වන ස්ථානයේ වම් පැත්තේ. ඇතුළතට යනකොට ම ඔබට දකින්න ලැබේවි චෙෆ්වරයා අතොරක් නැතිව මස් තීරු කපමින් සිටින ආකාරය. කෙබාබ් ‍හෝ ෂවර්මා කන්න තද බඩගින්නක් දැනේ එතැන යන්න හොඳ තැනක්.


No. 01 Schofield Pl, Colombo 00300


On Galle Road, just past Swarna Mahal Jewellers (opposite to Green Cabin), on the sea side. There's a tree which tends to cover the view of the entrance, so keep an eye out.


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Open 11:30 AM - 11:30 PM



Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Burgers Shawarma

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