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#2 ,WTC, Bank of Ceylon Mawatha, Colombo 01

Akihabara is a Japanese style cafè and restaurant that resides inside the WTC.

Named after the bustling district in Tokyo, Akihabara is a new Japanese style cafè and restaurant that resides inside the World Trade Centre. From what we gathered, it belongs to Mr Hiroshi Morisaki, a Japanese entrepreneur and philanthropist who arrived in Sri Lanka a few years back. 
We dropped in for an early lunch on a weekday and were quite pleased with our experience. 

Food & Drinks

The menu here is pretty simple, but it covers almost all of your favourites - from okonomiyaki, yakitori to sushi, and donburi etc. As for drinks, they've got coffee (hot/cold) and a few fresh juices. 

We started off with the Miso Soup that we received on the side of the bento box. Oozed out with strong hints of sardine, the soup was light, flavoursome and had a sprinkle of spring onions slipped in. The Sushi Tei Bento (Rs. 1950) came with three types of nigiri - crab stick, salmon and tuna, two types of maki - salmon and cucumber (3 in each kind), karaage chicken, coleslaw, wasabi, pickled ginger, soy sauce and the aforementioned miso soup on the side. It's supposed to have white fish nigiri too - but unfortunately, their kitchen had run out of white fish on the day we visited, which is why you're seeing two salmon nigiris. 

From the freshness of the seafood and the structure to the knifemanship and flavour, everything about the nigiri and maki was on point. The rice was cooked right, which helped to hold its form properly. With the touch of spicy-as-heck wasabi and the sweet soy sauce, they were a delight.

Encased in a well-seasoned, thick batter, the karaage chicken was well executed and delicious. The batter gives a welcome crisp, and despite the thickness of it, the meaty goodness perfectly came through. We really liked the hint of curry-like flavour stuck on the coating. You get around 4 pieces of this, so there's plenty for everyone.  

Our Yakitori Don (Rs. 1200) was served with a generous helping of white sticky rice, some cabbage, and three chicken skewers. As you can probably see in this picture, these yakitori skewers are a tad skinny, but nevertheless, they did have a good flavour. Infused with just the right amount of yakitori sauce, the chicken was slightly chewy, and worked brilliantly with its smokey taste. 

*Pictured above - Black Coffee (left) and Mixed Cappuccino (right)

Popping with strong caffeine notes, the Black Coffee (Rs. 500) was good. However, we were a bit confused with the Mixed Cappuccino (Rs. 600), as they had another regular Cappuccino on the menu. According to the staff member we talked to, this is "cappuccino served with milk", which is what any cappuccino is. Oh well. 

Anyway, this one had a good layer of foam on top, followed by a tiny swirl of coffee mixed in with milk. Quite alright at best.

Service & Ambience

The staff was very interactive - when you enter and exit the restaurant they entire staff greets you. Prompt, and efficient, we got our food within around 10 minutes.

The interior at the Akihabara doesn't boast a Japanese vibe, except for the calm Japanese music that fills the room. Anyway, it's a restaurant located inside the biggest corporate building in Colombo, so you cannot actually expect much in that aspect. Nevertheless, it's spacious, well-maintained and comfortable. Around 60 customers can dine in here at a time. 


The prices here are inclusive of taxes, so it won't feel that heavy on the wallet. If you work around the Colombo Fort area, and in need of satisfying the sudden sushi cravings without breaking the bank, Akihabara is your spot. 


Try the Sushi Tei bento box.


#2 ,WTC, Bank of Ceylon Mawatha, Colombo 01


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Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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Sushi Coffee

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