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Al-Maas Family Restaurant (Wattala)

367 Negombo-Colombo Main Rd, Wattala

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A good place to grab a quick bite at Wattala.

Al-Maas is one of the more consistent restaurants in Wattala, enrapturing their customers with the quality of their food and making sure they always come back for more. The restaurant is also situated on the main road and has ample parking space, which makes it convenient for tourists who are travelling to Colombo.

Food & Drinks

They have a host of North Indian dishes including biriyani, naan and of course dishes like noodles and pasta feature itself on the menu as well. 

The Beef Biriyani (Rs. 480) came in a large portion, along with ample amounts of beef, a boiled egg and the dried fish sambol that goes along with any biriyani. The beef, unfortunately, was a tad bit too tough; nevertheless, the texture of the biriyani is certainly everything you're looking for, and is quite flavourful and filling as well. 

*Pictured above - (Left to Right) Buttered Naan, Cheese Naan and the Garlic Naan 

The Butter Naan (Rs. 100) and the Cheese Naan (Rs. 140) were not as swathed in butter or cheese as expected and had only slight hints of butter and cheese. The Garlic Naan, on the other hand, was quite flavourful and had bits and bobs of garlic adorning the surface. 

The Butter Chicken Masala (Rs. 460) which we opted for to go with the naan was prepared beautifully. A bright red colour giving off a warning that it is going to taste spicy, the chicken was flavourful, succulent and plentiful, while the gravy was off the charts. It also had a slightly salty tinge to it which made it even better. 

*Pictured above: (Left to Right) Iced Milo, Nannnari Juice and the Chocolate Milkshake

The Nannari Juice (Rs. 160) looked enchanting and tasted equally great. Made from the sarsaparilla herb, it is also quite healthy. The Iced Milo (Rs. 200) was quite thick and perfectly embodied the taste of the milo while the Chocolate Milkshake (Rs. 220) too was right on the money. The milky taste existed without overpowering the flavour of the chocolate. 

Service and Ambience

Although the entrance to Al-Maas doesn't look very grand, what with a gritty fish tank with one too many fish crowding it, and the entrance being a small one, once inside, you're led to a much better, less noisy dining hall that can house a considerable amount of people at once. 

Al-Maas, translating to diamond, can certainly be considered a diamond in the rough, because while their ambience might not be as great, the food and the service make up for it. 

The staff too are quite friendly and accommodating, and your order will reach you within twenty minutes. 

Beware of the washrooms though; this is one aspect we did not like. 

The Conclusion

Definitely a convenient place to grab a quick bite, if you're in the area. It's quite wallet-friendly too. 

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