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AllStar Sports Lounge

117/1 Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 07

A fancy sports lounge in Colombo 07.

AllStar is the new sports lounge in town. Revamping the premises of the previous Kelly Felder outlet in Colombo 07, they offer some good pub grub along with the opportunity to catch up on your favourite sports encounters. 
As of now, they're working on obtaining their liquor licence, and offer the BYOB facility without a corkage fee. From what we gathered, they should be able to serve liquor on their own within the next 2-3 months. 


The food menu at AllStar is comprised of a range of starters, grilled meats, rice-based specialities and pasta. If you're not looking at a proper meal, but just a drink, you can simply choose a few items off their katagasma (bites) menu. 

We decided to go with the former and hence ordered a bowl of Slow Roasted Blue Pumpkin Soup with Roasted Nuts (Rs. 690) to kickstart things. Served with a tiny helping of cheese toast, the presentation itself was enough to draw our attention to this one. 

Hitting the right spot with its creamy texture packed with pumpkin flavour, it also had celery, onion and garlic as flavour-boosters. We spotted quite a bit of roast cashews swimming about, which helped to enrich the taste even more. 

You can get both crumb-fried and grilled Seer Fish at AllStar, and we opted for the latter. Clocking in at Rs. 1690, this portion is quite hefty; two slices of fish, French fries, grilled veggies and tartar sauce.

The seer fish slices were fresh, lightly marinated, skillfully seared and nicely grilled. Perfectly soft and cooked through, while retaining a firm texture from the outside, it was simple and had a very good flavour. If the tartar sauce isn't your thing, you have the option of going with the lemon butter sauce as well. 

The AllStar Chicken Burger (Rs. 990) was served with the sides of French fries, tomato ketchup and coleslaw. Deftly placed in between a burger bun, there was a layer of lettuce, tomato, zucchini and onions, topped off with a well-grounded chicken patty, ham, a fried egg and cheese.

Soft and light, the bun did a good job holding everything together. The chicken patty tasted great due to the perfect seasoning while the flavour elements of ham, cheese and fried egg working together to strengthen its flavour profile. However, there were some instances that we felt they can ease up the veggie-content in this one, despite their fresh quality.


Given that we didn't bring our own bottle, we opted for a couple of mocktails; Passionista (Rs. 750) and Virgin Mojito (Rs. 750). 

*Pictured above: Passionista (left) and Virgin Mojito (right)

The Passionista was a delish ensemble of sweet, sour, and fruity, with lots and lots of fizziness in it. They use actual passion fruit puree in this, and a splash of orange juice which further intensifies the flavour, while leaving a sweet kick on the palate, due to the infusion of cinnamon syrup. The basil in the fray added a nice minty touch to it.

The Virgin Mojito featured the usual elements; lime, brown sugar, sprite and mint leaves, in the right balance. While both of these drinks were excellently prepared and had a very refreshing quality, we cannot help but notice the high price tag. 

Ambience & Service

Oh, what a lovely interior they had! So glamorously lit, very stylish with gabion walls and oakwood stairs, along with a sprinkle of cosiness. Every corner of the room is covered with giant LED screens, so you won't miss your favourite teams go head to head. They also have an open-air rooftop lounge, which we couldn't check out during our visit, but it's recommended for an intimate dining experience.

The service was quite good too. They were happy to have us, very polite and managed to bring out our food within around 15 minutes. 


In terms of pricing, they're a bit on the high end of the spectrum, but we quite enjoyed our experience here. The ambience here is absolutely elegant and coupled with great food to boot, you're in for a good time; even if you're not the biggest sports fan in the world. 

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