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Amma's Snacks & Desserts

Delivery only

A home-based venture that does some delicious, mouthful sandwiches.

We discovered Amma's Snacks & Desserts as we were craving for a late-night snack. They're a cloud kitchen that whips up some filling, homemade sandwiches and a range of desserts.


This is the Monster Grilled Sandwich (Rs. 750). It's a tall stack of bread, meats and sauces, laid out so neatly to create a burst of flavours.

Altogether, it has four layers. The bottom layer features a good slathering of their homemade sauce - a sour sauce, with a sweet undertone. Then comes the devilled sausages and cheese layer, followed by the spicy chicken and garlic butter. The top-most layer is packed with more cheese and egg.

All in all, its taste profile mingles around all the flavours that you can think of - sweet, sour, tangy, garlicky and spicy. You get quite a bit of meatiness here too, along with a good dose of cheese.

The Bacon, Pol Sambol and Cheese Roast Paan Sandwich (Rs. 450) had the freshest roast paan, some deliciously spicy, zesty pol sambol, a fair amount of bacon, but sadly, not a lot of cheese. 


Topped off with cashew nuts and ganache, the Chocolate Brownie (Rs. 150) was small, yet chocolaty, but the sweetness was a bit overpowering. 
The Chocolate Biscuit Pudding (Rs. 200) was better. It's not the richest chocolate biscuit pudding we've had, but tasted good, especially for the price. 


We absolutely enjoyed their Special Iced Coffee (Rs. 250). With subtle hints of cardamom seeping through, it had a bold coffee kick, and was wonderfully refreshing. 


It's not a bad option for a filling snack with a homemade touch. Their desserts can certainly improve, but we're happy with the sandwiches. 

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